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Performance Improvement Module:
Screening Colonoscopy 

Assess your performance in screening colonoscopy against national benchmarks! 

The ASGE Performance Improvement Module (PIM): Screening Colonoscopy is ASGE’s newest online resource designed to assist you in assessing your performance in practice. 

The Screening Colonoscopy PIM includes three stages:

a) Assessment of current practice,

b) Intervention for performance improvement

c) Re-assessment and performance outcomes.  

Important! It takes a minimum of 10 weeks to complete to ASGE Screening Colonoscopy Performance Improvement Module (PIM). If you need to complete Part IV of Maintenance of Certification by December 31 of a given year and plan to use the ASGE PIM to do so, you must register and have your first set of charts entered within the PIM system no later than October 15 of that year. At least 10 weeks must pass between entering the first set of data and the second set of data.

Based on chart data entered by the participant, this module will provide participants with detailed feedback on where there is a gap between their practice and the most current national performance measures and guidelines in polyp surveillance and adenoma detection rate.    

The PIM will guide you through the process of collecting and analyzing your own practice data over time using nationally recognized quality measures, such as adenoma detection rate, and their recommended performance targets. Once you have identified goals for improving clinical care, ASGE provides valuable resources via multiple media to assist you in meeting those goals and evaluating your improvement over time.

Member: $50
Nonmembers: $125

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