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Payment and Reimbursement 

Assure preservation of payment levels for endoscopic services. 

CMS Quality Programs

Advocate for fairness and transparency in quality and efficiency programs that help to achieve excellence in care by measure reporting value-based payment, and public reporting.  

Open Payments - The Sunshine Act

Promote awareness for the national disclosure program that promotes transparency by publishing the financial relationships between the medical industry and healthcare providers on a publicly accessible website. 

Physician Practice Restriction

Work to assure ASGE members’ ability to use efficient and appropriate diagnostic or therapeutic services regardless of practice ownership or setting, including imaging, pathology and anesthesia services. 


Advocate for services and programs that ensure access and coverage for all age appropriate patients, eliminate disparities in screening rates, increase awareness of preventive services and promote U.S. Preventive Task Force approved screening methods. 

Drug Shortage Resource Center

Provide resources and tools to cope with drug shortages to ensure optimal patient care.