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ASGE Advocacy Agenda 2015-2016

Physician Reimbursement:
Work independently and collaboratively with others within the medical community to assure physician payment appropriately reflects the value of, and effort required for, gastrointestinal endoscopic care. 

Physician Practice Restrictions: 
Work to assure ASGE members’ ability to use efficient and appropriate diagnostic or therapeutic services regardless of practice ownership or setting, including imaging, pathology and anesthesia services.

Ambulatory Surgical Center-Based Patient Care:
Support efforts to increase Medicare reimbursement for endoscopic services performed in ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs), mitigate regulatory burdens and influence the development of ASC regulations.

Colorectal Cancer Prevention: 
Support efforts to ensure colonoscopy access and coverage for all age-appropriate patients, eliminate disparities in screening rates, increase awareness of preventive services, and promote U.S. Preventive Services Task Force approved screening methods.

Value-Based Healthcare:
Provide physician input to promote fairness and transparency as value-based payment programs, resource use measures and quality measures are developed for endoscopic services.  

State and Federal Regulations: 
Strive to ease state and federal regulatory burdens affecting the practice of gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Endoscopic Research:
Increase federal funding for basic and applied endoscopic research.