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The Importance of High-Quality Patient Care

Now more than ever, it is critical that endoscopy units demonstrate their
effectiveness in the delivery of high-quality, safe patient care. In fact, by delivering quality and value to patients, you become part of the healthcare delivery system of the future.

As the only national program of its kind, the ASGE Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program (EURP) honors units that have demonstrated a commitment to delivering quality and safety as reflected in their unit policies, credentialing, staff training and competency assessment, and quality improvement activities. EURP honorees benefit by being among a like-minded community of units from across the country.

What is the ASGE Quality Star?

One of the most powerful tools offered through the EURP is the Quality Star logo. The nationally recognized ASGE Quality Star has been granted to stand-alone ambulatory endoscopy centers, hospital-based endoscopy units, and office-based endoscopy units that have met the program’s rigorous criteria. Units in the program that are actively using the logo have capitalized on the strength of the Quality Star to inform their patients, referring physicians, surveyors, and others about their commitment to the highest standards of quality care.

What is the Impact of the EURP?

EURP honorees recognize the important role that quality and safety play in providing exceptional and safe healthcare services. Through the EURP, units will not only benchmark physician performance,
but also analyze data for opportunities to improve patient care.

The EURP is a recognition that your entire unit can celebrate. The program helps raise a unit’s overall awareness of high-quality patient care, and promotes active support for quality and safety improvement among all staff.

Your participation in the EURP will help your unit gain recognition among healthcare professionals,
including referring physicians and public and private payers as a unit that is dedicated to quality care.

What Can My Unit Be Recognized For?
Get recognized for the ongoing assessment of quality measures that are critical to high-quality GI endoscopic patient care:

  • Patient assessment for procedural risk
  • Adequacy of bowel preparation
  • Cecal intubation rate
  • Adenoma detection rate
  • Adverse event tracking
  • Use of patient satisfaction surveys

Who is the Program Open To?
The program is open to all settings where GI endoscopy is practiced, including ambulatory endoscopy or surgery centers, office-based endoscopy units, and hospital-based endoscopy units.

Interested in Learning More?

  • ASGE Webinar: Why Quality? Why Now? Why EURP? EURP Application Made Easy (recording and slides) (9-21-2016)
  • ASGE Webinar: Quality Indicators for Colonoscopy (recording and slides) (3-26-2014) 
  • ASGE Webinar: Guidelines for Safety in the Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Unit (recording and slides) (4-29-2014)