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Practice Management 101

December 11, 2015

This ASGE course provides office management staff with the essentials needed to effectively and efficiently manage a GI unit. Presented by GI practice managers at the top of their field, GI Practice Management 101 serves as an introduction to GI endoscopy practice management best practices. Course sessions will cover topics such as running a profitable endoscopy unit, achieving efficiency in your office operations and managing and staffing the GI practice. GI Practice Management 101 was designed to be highly interactive and provide winning practical solutions that can be implemented immediately in your practices. This course is perfect for those propelled into office management, new to practice management or new to GI practice management.



Frank Chapman

"The income equation, regardless of setting or size of group, is (receipts - expense) = income. We can impact that equation by managing the receipts and/or managing expenses. If we are able to increase receipts, for every $1 in increase we typically see it reduced by $0.50 in expense.
However for every $1 in expense we reduce income is increased by the full amount of the savings. Also what we have seen over the last few years and are again seeing today is that we tend to have more control over our expenses than we have over receipts. The ASGE's Practice Management 101 course will provide a good understanding of how to manage practice expenses especially for small practice administrators and those new to management. It is a course designed to meet the challenges we face in an ever changing medical environment."



Frank J. Chapman, M.B.A.
Chief Operating Officer
Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc.
Central Ohio Endoscopy Center, LLC
Columbus, Ohio


Roger Franck“We have so many things to DO every day that we don’t have time to step back and review!” We hear this frequently from small group managers and endoscopy centers. Take this opportunity to discover a couple ideas that can help you daily, ask specific questions about your own office or endoscopy center, or just validate your own operations.

Roger Franck, MHA
Endoscopy Center of North Mississippi
Oxford, Mississippi


Barbara Tauscher

“Finally, someone who understands me!”  Ok, this isn’t, but it may be close.  Come and spend some time with colleagues that really understand the challenges that you face in managing a GI practice and Endoscopy Center.  Share your successes, failures, experience and ideas.  All of us what to provide the best for our patients, staff and providers.

Barbara G. Tauscher, MHA, FACMPE
The Oregon Clinic
Oregon City, Oregon


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this educational activity, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize cost centers and profit centers for the typical GI practice
  • Integrate ASGE and other clinical guidelines in your practice
  • Perform rudimentary evaluation of ancillary services such as infusion or histology/pathology
  • Identify how to “right size” your office
  • Develop an analysis (proforma) to determine whether a specific cost center activity (pathology lab, infusion, capsule) is profitable
  • Utilize mid-levels to enhance the efficiency of the office or hospital–based GI practice
  • Identify various staffing models within the office and endoscopy center, and select a model that best fits the practice culture and needs

Target Audience

This course is designed for practice administrators, nurse managers and physicians who are new to GI practice management, or work within a small-to-medium office.

Course Agenda

Trifecta Operations agenda


Practical Solutions for the GI Practice