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ASGE Ambassador Program


The ASGE Ambassador program is a philanthropic initiative designed to export two of the Society’s greatest assets — endoscopic medical care and training expertise — to areas around the world in need of such care. Direct access to GI care does not exist in all developing countries; therefore, educating and training physicians in underserved areas provides an opportunity for ASGE Ambassadors to make a significant impact at the global level. ASGE Ambassadors donate their time in order to share knowledge and expertise on the practice of gastrointestinal endoscopy and managing basic and advanced GI disorders. For more information, review the Ambassador Program Fact Sheet.  

Institutions and clinics throughout the world contact ASGE to inquire how to bring the Ambassador Program to their country. For a description of the requirements for proposing a future site destination and the related application, carefully review and complete the Ambassador Program Request-for-Proposal (RFP). If you live in, or are aware of, an area outside of the U.S. that may be in need, please submit a proposal for site consideration.

Questions? Contact Holly Becker, Assistant Director, International Programs via email at  

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2013 Programs

Solomon Islands

A follow-up to the “hybrid” Ambassador Program in the Solomon Islands was held in conjunction with the Solomon Island Living Memorial Project at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) in January 2013.  The training followed up to the previous programs, held in December 2011 and July 2012 and provided basic instruction in upper endoscopy, lower endoscopy and care and management of endoscopic equipment. Prior to these programs, the 4 surgeons at the NRH had no formal training and their current equipment was outdated and in poor condition.  In the past year, the local endoscopy unit has performed approximately 200 endoscopies, 90% of which have been upper endoscopy and 10% colonoscopy.  The physicians and nurses in the Solomon Islands are extremely motivated and work in relatively poor conditions with limited resources.   


2012 Programs

Manaus, Brazil

In December 2012, four ASGE Ambassadors traveled to Manaus, Brazil for a week-long training which was carried out in collaboration with the Brazilian Society of Digestive Endoscopy.  Various SOBED representatives also traveled to Manaus to assist in the training.  The program provided endoscopic training in band ligation, sclerotherapy, PEG, EMR, dilatations, foreign bodies, clips, endoloops and argon plasma coagulation through didactic lectures, hands-on workshops and endoscopic procedures.  A total of twenty-nine physicians participated in the program.  There were many patients who otherwise would not have received treatment and some patients traveled 2-3 days by boat to receive care.  More than 100 patients were treated over three days.  

Taipei, Taiwan
In February 2012, four ASGE Ambassadors traveled to Taipei, Taiwan, to train thirty-nine physicians from Taiwan (and other southeastern Asian countries) in a week-long program that was carried out in collaboration with the Digestive Endoscopy Society of Taiwan (DEST) and two local ASGE Ambassadors. The program provided endoscopic training for treating pancreaticobiliary cancers and diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP. As a result, DEST will be working to establish a formal ERCP training and credentialing program in Taiwan.

2011 Programs

Cuenca, Ecuador
In November 2011, thirty physicians participated in hands-on training sessions conducted by ASGE Ambassadors. During the program, approximately 55 patients were treated with various diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy procedures. The program focused on upper GI tract malignancies and GI bleeding (variceal and non-variceal).

Solomon Islands
Held in conjunction with the Solomon Island Living Memorial Project in December 2011, twenty physicians participated in a hybrid Ambassador Program consisting of hands-on training sessions on upper and lower endoscopy and proper management of equipment. Approximately twenty patients were treated during the program and the hands-on training had a significant impact on physicians' understanding of patient care. To read first-hand reports from two ASGE Ambassadors, click here.

2010 Programs

Hue City and Nha Trang, Vietnam
In November 2010, ASGE Ambassadors trained physicians from the north, central and south region during two separate educational conferences.

Cairo, Egypt
Developed in conjunction with the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) in February 2010, this was the pilot for the ASGE Ambassador Program. ASGE would like to convey sincere appreciation to WGO for demonstrating ongoing support of outstanding education and healthcare.

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Questions? Contact Holly Becker, Assistant Director, International Programs via email at