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EndoFest 2014 3 weeks 


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 EndoFest® 2014 Sessions 



Scientific and Video-Based Sessions on some of the most pressing topics for all endoscopists today. 

Real Cases: Difficult Polyps
Moderator: Christopher J. Gostout, MD, FASGE 

Real Cases, Part 1:  Laterally spreading colon polyps

Case presentation  
Piecemeal Polypectomy Douglas K. Rex, MD, FASGE
Surgical Perspective Jeffrey K. Marks, MD, FASGE
ESD Update Norio Fukami, MD, FASGE

Real Cases, Part 2: Duodenal polyps

How and When /When not to Resect Brenna M. Casey, MD, FASGE
Management of Bleeding and Perforation Steven A. Edmundowicz, MD, FASGE
Case Series: Do You Resect? Jason B. Klapman, MD, FASGE

Rapid Fire Journal Club
Moderator: Sreenivasa S. Jonnalagadda, MD, FASGE 

High-impact articles published in the last 2 years presented in a concise and dynamic format that will be case-framed, summary results, include limitations and close with take-home points.

Pancreas/Biliary  Vanessa M. Shami, MD, FASGE
Esophagus   Andrew S. Ross, MD, FASGE
Colon Kenneth R. McQuaid, MD, FASGE
Small Bowel/Stomach Jason B. Klapman, MD, FASGE

Managing Barrett's Esophagus
Moderator: Kenneth K. Wang, MD, FASGE 

Addressing the latest information and controversies related to Barrett's Esophagus in the areas below, with ample time for case discussion:

Resection Jennifer J. Chennat, MD
Ablation Kenneth K. Wang, MD, FASGE
Surveillance Prateek Sharma, MD
Guidelines Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPH

Real Cases: Cannulation, Stones and Strictures
Moderator: Michelle A. Anderson, MD, FASGE 

Case 1: Difficult Cannulation Peter B. Kelsey, MD, FASGE
Case 2: Large Stone Management
(incl. papillary dilation, mechanical lithotripsy, choledochoscopic techniques)
David R. Lichtenstein, MD, FASGE
Case 3: Malignant Stricture Evaluation 
(incl. correct sampling, forcep passage,
imaging first-why MRI?)
Raj J. Shah, MD, FASGE
Panel Discussion: Stenting  

Management of Benign Esophageal Diseases
Moderator: Prateek Sharma, MD  

Eosinophilic Esophagitis  Nicholas J Shaheen, MD, MPH
Strictures Gregory G. Ginsberg, MD, FASGE
(incl. balloon dilation, POEM, Botox, surgery)
Thomas J. Savides, MD, FASGE

Best Practices for the GI Consultant
Moderator: Colleen M. Schmitt, MD, MHS, FASGE 

Endoscopy in IBD
(include chromoendoscopy)
Kenneth R. McQuaid, MD, FASGE
Obscure GI Bleeding Algorithm Elizabeth M. Rajan, MD, FASGE
Treatment of Recurrent C Diff 
(fecal transplantation)
Grace H. Elta, MD, FASGE
Anticoagulation Colleen M. Schmitt, MD, MHS, FASGE

Real Cases: Hemostasis
Moderator: John A. Martin 

Case 1: Non-variceal Upper GI Bleeding  M. Brian Fennerty, MD, FASGE
Case 2: Lower GI Bleeding (including radiation, diverticular) Douglas K. Rex, MD, FASGE

Mess with the Pancreas or Not?
Moderator: Andrew S. Ross, MD, FASGE

Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Pancreatitis  
  • Cross-sectional Imaging, EUS and Functional Testing
Douglas O. Faigel, MD, FASGE  
  • Pancreatic Endotherapy for Chronic Pancreatitis
John J. Vargo II, MD, MPH, FASGE
Cystic neoplasms - Guidelines Kevin A. Waschke, MD
Autoimmune Pancreatitis: Diagnosis and Treatment Brenna M. Casey, MD, FASGE
Endoscopic Management of Pancreatic Cancer
  • Biliary and Duodenal Stenting
  • Re-intervention of the Patient
  • EUS-directed Intervention
Uzma D. Siddiqui, MD, FASGE


Moderators: Brenna Casey, MD, FASGE; Peter B. Kelsey, MD, FASGE, Jason Klapman

Peer-reviewed videos demonstrating cutting edge techniques and technologies from all over the world. Authors will be invited to answer questions and answers from the audience and panel of moderators. 


Participants will rotate between several stations over the course of two hours, interacting with multiple faculty, technologies and techniques. 

Pancreaticobiliary and Enteral Stenting
Director: Christopher J. Gostout, MD, FASGE 

This session will include stations with techniques and devices such as enteral stenting, pseudocyst drainage, ERCP biliary stents, metal stents, plastic stents and plexus bloc.        

Essential Skills for the GI Consultant
Director: John L. Petrini, MD, FASGE 

Participants will hone a variety of skills that will raise their practice to the next level, including: endoscopic therapy of hemorrhoids; techniques for foreign body removal; endoscopic control of variceal and non-variceal bleeding; enteral stents and defect closure.        


These customized one-hour sessions allow participants to have in-depth interaction with an expert faculty member at one station dedicated to a specific technique or technology. Each station will be limited to four participants per hour session.   

  • Deep Enteroscopy Tricks - Elizabeth M. Rajan, MD, FASGE; Sreenivasa S. Jonnalagadda, MD, FASGE
  • Barrett's Management - Prateek Sharma, MD; Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPH
  • Challenging Hemostasis - Colleen M. Schmitt, MD, MHS, FASGE; Vanessa M. Shami, MD, FASGE
  • Rectal Bleeding/Banding (Hemorrhoids) - Jeffery M. Marks, MD, FASGE; Grace H. Elta, MD, FASGE
  • POEM - Norio Fukami, MD, FASGE
  • Cholangioscopy, Difficult Stones and Tissue Sampling - Peter B. Kelsey, MD, FASGE
  • Cannulation Tricks - Steven A. Edmundowicz, MD, FASGE; Gregory G. Ginsberg, MD, FASGE
  • Difficult Polypectomy - Douglas K. Rex, MD, FASGE; Brooks D. Cash, MD, FASGE
  • Pancreaticobiliary/Luminal Stenting - Uzma D. Siddiqui, MD, FASGE
  • Sphincterotomy Techniques - John J. Vargo II, MD, FASGE
  • Managing Perforations (clips, stents) - Jeffery M. Marks, MD, FASGE
  • Upper EMR - Jennifer S. Chennat, MD
  • Lower EMR - Kevin A. Waschke, MD
  • ESD - Norio Fukami, MD, FASGE
  • Endoscopic Suturing - Sreenivasa S. Jonnalagadda, MD, FASGE