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Affinity Programs


As Official Web Service Provider for the ASGE, Officite is offering professional website development and hosting at a discounted rate for Society Members. The leader in medical websites, Officite provides customizable website solutions, easy site-editing technology, advanced search marketing and ASGE patient education for practice success. Teamed with a professional website company, building a state-of-the-art website that reflects the personal values and quality of your practice is easy. A personalized website presents the perfect opportunity to convey your expertise in the GI field while extending a warm welcome to referred patients prior to the initial first visit. Click here to learn more.


Coding Advisor

Reduce denials and increase billing with this state-of-the-art coding software developed with nationally-recognized GI coding expert, Kathleen Mueller. This unique product will help you better code your claims by:

  • Providing reminders of billing opportunities that are often overlooked
  • Providing guidance on documenting your work so it will stand up to audits
  • Giving access to coding information, such as CCI edits, LCD's and pricing
  • Delivering a built-in claim scrubber and ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion software

Subscribe now and receive an ASGE-member discount of 15%. This is a product you must have in your practice to ensure proper reimbursement and incorporate correct coding practice. Click here to learn more.