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2014 Circle of Light Society Donors

Banke Agarwal, MD, FASGE*
Todd H. Baron, MD, FASGE
Marcia Irene Canto, MD, MHS, FASGE
Maurice A. Cerulli, MD, FASGE
Vinay Chandrasekhara, MD
James A. DiSario, MD, FASGE*
Steven A. Edmundowicz, MD, FASGE*
Glenn M. Eisen, MD, MPH, FASGE
Grace H. Elta, MD, FASGE*
David E. Fleischer, MD, FASGE*
Barbara B. Frank, MD, FASGE*
Gregory G. Ginsberg, MD, FASGE*

Douglas A. Howell, MD, FASGE*
Brian C. Jacobson, MD, MPH, FASGE*
Franklin E. Kasmin, MD, FASGE
Michelle Kang Kim, MD, FASGE
Glen A. Lehman, MD, FASGE*
Anne Marie Lennon, MD, PhD
David A. Lieberman, MD, FASGE*
David E. Loren, MD
Gottumukkala S. Raju, MD, FASGE
Sarah A. Rodriguez, MD
Thomas J. Savides, MD, FASGE 
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Beverly Siegel*
Hisao Tajiri, MD*
William M. Tierney, MD, FASGE*

John J. Vargo II, MD, MPH, FASGE*
Mihir S. Wagh, MD, FASGE
Andrew Y. Wang, MD, FASGE 
Karen L. Woods, MD, FASGE*