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ASGE’s Guide to Maintenance of Certification (MOC) 

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ASGE resources for earning MOC points

GESAP VII - Online Self-Assessment Program 
Assess your knowledge, plus earn up to 90 MOC points (online version only) with ASGE's comprehensive endoscopy self-assessment tool.  Gesap
90 points 

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Screening Colonoscopy - Performance Improvement Module (PIM)
Assess your performance in practice, while earning 20 MOC points  with ASGE's online colonoscopy PIM. Please note: It takes a minimum of 10 weeks to complete the PIM. Click here to learn more. 20 Points 

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ASGE STAR Certificate Program 
Earning 20 MOC points through ASGE's proficiency-based training and assessment program designed to prepare endoscopists to overcome challenges, gain confidence and demonstrate their "readiness" to perform various techniques!  ASGE Star logo MOC

20 Points

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Download the MOC Resources Flyer


Beginning January 2014, the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) has put into effect several changes to its certification requirements. ASGE has developed this online information resource to help familiarize you with those changes to MOC requirements and guide you through the process of board recertification. 

In addition, to the right you will find several ASGE resources for earning MOC points while you prepare for your board exams. 

Overview of new MOC new requirements 

To maintain a certificate, a diplomate will need to possess an unrestricted license in the jurisdiction where he/she practices, demonstrate commitment to life-long learning through self-assessment, and pass a secure examination in the discipline(s) in which they choose to recertify. 

Under the new point system, diplomates need to earn 100 points (every five years) to recertify in one or more discipline(s): 

  • 20 points from self-assessment of medical knowledge
  • 20 points from evaluation of practice performance
  • 60 points from electives

Changes to MOC requirements effective May 1st 2014  

What's changed

In addition to reporting board certification, ABIM has begun reporting whether or not all ABIM Board Certified physicians are "Meeting MOC Requirements" (i.e., continuously engaging in MOC activities). Your MOC Status Report on has been updated with personalized information based on the certification areas you chose to maintain. It shows you what you need to do, and by when, in order to maintain your certification and to continue to be reported as "Meeting MOC Requirements."

What you need to do now  

  • If you are currently enrolled in the MOC program and your certification is valid, you will be listed as "Meeting MOC Requirements" in 2014. In early 2014, you will need to go to your Physician Login on and indicate which certification(s) you are choosing to maintain.
  • If you are not currently enrolled in the MOC program and your certification is valid, in order to be reported as "Meeting MOC Requirements," you'll need to log in to and enroll by indicating which certification(s) you choose to maintain.
    • If you have not logged in and activated your program by April 30, 2014, you will be listed as "Certified, Not Meeting MOC Requirements." Your status will remain "Certified, Not Meeting MOC Requirements" until you log in and enroll.  
  • By December 31, 2015, you will need to complete an MOC activity to earn MOC points to keep your "Meeting MOC Requirements" status. 

How do you know if you are enrolled?

To find out whether you are enrolled in MOC, log in to If you are not enrolled, the website will prompt you to enroll after you log on. If you are enrolled, your enrollment status will be listed on your home page under the MOC section.

Check your MOC Status Report on Log in and enroll on ABIM's website by April 30th  to avoid being reported as "Certified, Not Meeting MOC Requirements."  


What is MOC?  

  • 4-part process designed to engage physicians in continuous, lifelong learning (*required for all physicians initially certified after 1990)
  • MOC promotes lifelong learning and the enhancement of the clinical judgment and skills essential for high quality patient care
  • ABIM reports if physicians are "Meeting MOC Requirements"  

How to Maintain Your ABIM Certification   

  • Everyone holding a current certificate and valid license will be meeting requirements at launch
  • By December 31, 2015 and every two years thereafter, physicians must complete an MOC activity every two years
  • Earn 100 MOC points (with at least 20 points in medical knowledge and 20 points in practice assessment), includes meeting Patient Safety and Patient Survey requirements, every five years. Points earned every two years will also count toward your five-year requirement, and also count toward the milestones for the certifications you are maintaining. Points earned count toward all certifications being maintained.
  • Take and pass an MOC exam every 10 years for each certification you wish to maintain - but activities for one certification may count towards another. Physicians must be enrolled in MOC about two months prior to taking the exam. For specific dates, visit
  • New option to pay either an annual fee or pre-pay for 10 years
  • You need to meet the existing program requirements by December 31st of the year your certificate expires 

What is a MOC Part 2 Activity?

Part II-Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment
Physicians participate in educational and self-assessment programs that meet specialty-specific standards that are set by their member board.

 ASGE MOC Resources to meet requirements:

GESAP VII - All nine clinical modules are approved for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points (10 points each) for a total of 90 points.
ASGE STAR Certificate Program - Various Courses and Various MOC Points.   

What is a MOC Part 4 Activity?  

Part IV-Practice Performance Assessment
Physicians are evaluated in their clinical practice according to specialty-specific standards for patient care. They are asked to demonstrate that they can assess the quality of care they provide compared to peers and national benchmarks and then apply the best evidence or consensus recommendations to improve that care using follow-up assessments.

 ASGE MOC Resources to meet requirements:

Performance Improvement Module: Screening Colonoscopy - Earn 20 MOC Point 


ABIM Requirements effective January 2014
Earn 100 MOC Points every 5 years
in the following categories
20 Points
20 points
60 points
Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment
MOC Part IV - 
Practice Performance Assessment
Electives - Part II or IV  (plus Patient Safety and Patient Surveyrequirements)
ASGE MOC Resources that satisfies requirements
GESAP VII Online Self-Assessment Program
90 points
90 points
90 points
ASGE STAR Certificate Program
20 points
20 points
20 points
Performance Improvement Module:
Screening Colonoscopy
20 Points
20 Points
20 Points
Total Points Earned through ASGE MOC Resources
110 points
20 points
130 points