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NCRCAM: National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

ASGE is on a mission to save lives by promoting colorectal health! 


National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (NCRCAM) is here, are you ready? ASGE has the resources you need to reach your patients and raise awareness about colorectal cancer prevention:

NCRCAM KitNCRCAM Community Outreach Kit

Plan to exhibit at community health fairs? ASGE makes it easy with the ASGE NCRCAM Kit:  

  • 50 Blue Star pins with fact cards
  • 2 colonoscopy and upper endoscopy patient education DVDs
  • 150 (each) of Understanding Colon Cancer Screening, Understanding Colonoscopy and Understanding Polyps and Their Treatment patient education brochures.
  • 5 Peter Polyp dolls to decorate your booth

FREE BONUS - 50 Cards! 
New for 2011, ASGE has produced a promotional card for its Screen 4 Colon Cancer website to promote awareness. The card outlines the resources available on the website and offers a list of important facts about colorectal cancer.

To order an NCRCAM kit online, click here.
To download an NCRCAM order form, click 

Send a Colorectal Cancer Screening e-Card!

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and ASGE wants your help in stopping this deadly disease. Please visit ASGE’s Screen 4 Colon Cancer website which promotes screening and colorectal cancer awareness and send an e-Card screening reminder to anyone you know who is age 50 and over, or who has a family history of the disease. 

NCRCAM e-card - March 2011

Click image to
send an e-Card

ASGE is on a mission to save lives and has set a goal to send 5,000 e-Cards during the month of March to raise awareness about colorectal cancer screening. The Society has created two new e-Cards and a special birthday e-Card (for those over 50) this year that remind recipients to get screened and contain basic facts about colorectal cancer prevention. Each e-Card can be personalized by the sender.

For more information on colorectal cancer prevention and physician resources for your own community outreach, log on to The site offers visitors a wealth of vital information including facts about colorectal cancer, screening options, what to expect during a colonoscopy, answers to frequently asked questions, the latest news about colorectal cancer, such as studies and statistics, links to patient support and advocacy groups, educational videos, and e-Cards. Remember to list the website as an educational resource on your website!

CRC Patient Education Brochures

Brochures_AssortedStock up now on patient education brochures related to colorectal cancer, such as Understanding Colon Cancer Screening, Understanding Colonoscopy, Understanding Bowel Preparation Before Colonoscopy, and Understanding Polyps and Their Treatment. Click here to order online.

Blue Star Pins

Blue Star logo 2ASGE is asking members to help spread the word and promote recognition of the Blue Star symbol, representing colorectal cancer awareness, throughout March and beyond. Through your order, you will also be making a tax-deductible donation to the ASGE Foundation. Order early before supplies run out! To order Blue Star pins to distribute to patients and members of your community, click here or visit the Screen 4 Colon Cancer website.

Public Service Announcement

PSA Hill HarperASGE is re-issuing its 2010 Public Service Announcement (PSA) featuring CSI: New York actor Hill Harper. The PSA encourages African-Americans to get screened for colorectal cancer and will air this year through satellite TV provider DIRECTV® during the month of March on most major cable networks. Click the image (right) or visit to view the video.

Social Media

Join ASGE’s “Peter and Polly Polyp” Facebook page (click image below) and spread the word to your friends about colorectal cancer prevention.


Colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable!

The NCRCAM kit was sponsored by partial funding from the ASGE Foundation Fujinon Fund through a charitable gift from Fujinon, Inc., a subsidiary of FujiFilm Medical Systems U.S.A.