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 Star logo genericASGE STAR Certificate Program

The ASGE Skills Training Assessment Reinforcement (STAR) Certificate Program prepares endoscopists to overcome challenges, gain confidence and demonstrate their "readiness" to perform specific procedures to medical colleagues.

Program Components

Participants will earn the ASGE STAR Certificate of Completion by completing several components sequentially over the course of three to six months per program.

1. Online Curriculum 2. Live Course and Assessment 3. Course Follow-Up
Prior to the skills-training component, enrollees will be required to complete several online components, including:

Baseline pre-test. This test will provide the enrollee an initial assessment of their knowledge.
Literature. Participants will read and review guidelines, technology reviews and key articles.
Instructional videos. Participants will view instructional videos from the ASGE Endoscopic Learning Library (ELL).
Interval assessment. Enrollees will re-take the pre-test following the online instructional components.
Each program is designed to specifically teach standardized knowledge and motor skills in the specific procedure. Enrollees will participate in a half-day of detailed case-based video sessions and a half-day of intensive, standardized, hands-on training preparing enrollees for the skills assessment (3 participants per station). On the second day, participants will complete a one-on-one skills assessment as well as a post-test, and will be provided feedback from their performance at the completion of the course.
  • All enrollees will be provided a transcript detailing the completed curriculum, earned CME and assessment of performance in their specific learned skills.
  • Participants who pass the assessment component will receive a Certificate of Completion in the specific learned skill.
  • Participants who do not pass either the written exam or the skills assessment will be provided with information on the specific areas in which they did not succeed and options for further training and/or retesting.

 STAR programs currently available for registration include:


  • Lower EMR
  • Upper EMR

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