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Building a Foundation of Excellence in GI Practice Management

– A series of practice management courses for the entire GI team –


ASGE's Practice Management Trifecta is a comprehensive and educational series of courses with something for every member of your GI practice team. Experts in GI practice management, quality and safety, and coding and reimbursement will all gather together at ASGE's Institute for Training and Technology on November 17-20 to provide you and your team members with the essentials you will need to both maintain and grow a successful GI practice in 2017. Course participants will be taken through presentations, case studies and interactive sessions to gain the crucial intelligence they need--intelligence that will have an immediate and positive bearing on the operations of every GI practice represented at the Trifecta. Attend the Trifecta for practical strategies,

best practices, and implementation tips that you need in today's ever-changing health care environment.

“We face unprecedented pressure to change the traditional ways in which we deliver healthcare, so it is critical that physicians understand what the changes are likely to be, what's driving the change and what innovative practices are doing to adapt.”

“Over the past two years, GI has experienced significant coding and reimbursement changes. Now the entire payment system is rapidly morphing to a system where future payment updates will increasingly be dependent on how we can improve the quality of care, efficiency and financial risk management. “ 

“Our practice administrators will need more non-traditional knowledge and skills to create and negotiate the new pathways that must be tread in order to be successful or indeed to survive.”

– Glenn D. Littenberg, MD, FASGE, Trifecta Course Director

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GI Practice Management 101: The Essentials of GI Practice Management 
November 17, 2016

GI Practice Management 101 is a one-day course designed to provide office management staff with the best practices and essentials for effectively and efficiently managing a GI unit. Presented by the leaders in the area of GI practice management, the course will cover the following key areas:

  • Evaluation of ancillary services such as infusion or histology or pathology
  • How to “right-size” the GI office
  • Developing an analysis (proforma) of cost centers to determine profitability
  • Integration of ASGE and other clinical guidelines

Quality arrow 2016

Improving Quality and Safety in Your Endoscopy Unit 
November 18, 2016

Improving Quality & Safety in Your Endoscopy Unit is one of ASGE’s most popular courses. This dynamic and interactive course will focus on the following:

  • Critical issues of defining and measuring quality in GI
  • Excellence in endoscopy
  • Reprocessing and infection
  • Emerging trends and evidence in GI quality and safety

Reimbursement arrow 2016

2017 Reimbursement and Coding Update 
November 19-20, 2016

The Trifecta ends on a high note with the 2017 Gastroenterology Reimbursement & Coding Update where participants can hone their proficiencies in coding and reimbursement for maximum effect on the practice’s overall financial health. Attendees will be instructed on the following essential areas:

  • Essentials of medical coding
  • Implementation of coding strategies for new and emergent GI technologies
  • Payer contracting
  • Endoscopy billing



Previous ASGE Practice Management Trifecta attendees said the best part of the course was:

  • Networking with other GI professionals and identifying we all have similar problems.
  • All speakers were extremely competent, extraordinarily helpful, and passionate about their topic.
  • The best part of the course is that it inspires me to make my unit the best it can be.
  • Speakers went out of their way to answer individual questions all throughout the day. Thanks ASGE!
  • The information about reimbursement for services provided was very detailed.
  • The speakers were very knowledgeable.
  • The ability to ask questions on specific scenarios.

--2015 Attendee


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