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February 28, 2011

Join our Team!

Become Part of ASGE’s Legislative Action Network


Job Description: ASGE invites you to become a member of its Legislative Action Network (LAN). Sign-up today and join more than 1,400 of your ASGE colleagues in advocating on federal legislative and regulatory issues that impact the practice of gastrointestinal endoscopy and the delivery of health care services.


Dramatic changes are ahead in the way health care is covered, delivered and reimbursed.   More than ever, ASGE needs the voice of members like you to engage federal policymakers in every step of the legislative and regulatory process. As the 112th Congress gets underway with new leadership, new ideas and new opportunities, ASGE needs gastrointestinal endoscopists in every state and congressional district engaged and ready to educate policymakers about issues important to the gastrointestinal community.


The 2010 elections resulted in a large number of newly elected members of Congress. These freshman lawmakers are eager to connect with their constituencies back home and to establish a network of trusted expert advisors on issues such as health care. ASGE members who live or work in the states and districts of these new lawmakers should seize the opportunity to establish a relationship with these lawmakers and their staff early in the legislative session.


Time Commitment: As much as you like, or as little as 10 minutes a year.


Join Our Team Today 


ASGE’s LAN provides a nearly effortless way for you to connect with your government.   The LAN offers opportunities for you to engage in various types and levels of advocacy. You choose your degree of involvement. No time commitment is too small and each connection you make can have a significant impact on advancing ASGE’s advocacy agenda.   Members of the LAN can participate by:  

·         Responding to ASGE action alerts, which may include calling your lawmakers, or sending them electronic letters through ASGE’s e-advocacy tool;

·         Sharing ASGE generated materials with your lawmakers;

·         Providing ASGE with patient and practice stories;

·         Developing and fostering a relationship with your senators and representative;

·         Meeting with legislators in Washington, DC or their district offices;

·         Attending town hall meetings.

In all tasks, ASGE ensures that members have all of the information, resources and tools needed to make each advocacy encounter easy and straightforward.



·         No advocacy experience is required to join the LAN. Your daily experiences as a gastroenterologist are enough. The most valuable way for legislators to understand how endoscopic issues impact their communities is through local and personal efforts of GI physicians in their districts. This makes you uniquely qualified for this task.

·         Dedication to advancing issues important to GI endoscopy. Through our advocacy agenda, ASGE will be addressing issues critical to your practice ranging from new physician payment models to increased funding for colorectal cancer screening.

·         Commitment to taking action in a timely manner.   ASGE sends out action alerts during critical steps in the legislative process. Your timely response will help the Society send a loud and clear message at the time when it is most needed.  

Benefits of Joining the LAN:

·         Monthly updates of ASGE legislative and regulatory activities.

·         Detailed summaries of government policies and programs that impact your practice.

·         Electronic updates on government policy changes, programs, incentives and educational opportunities.    


·          A guaranteed voice in government on issues important to GI endoscopy.





If endoscopy is your practice, ASGE is your partner in establishing the value of GI endoscopy on Capitol Hill and in government agencies.