Uzma D. Siddiqui, MD, FASGE

Master Endoscopist Award

Crystal Awards Honoree

I am honored to be named one of this year’s ASGE Master Endoscopist Award winners and to achieve this career milestone. It is humbling to join such a distinguished list of prior awardees, many of whom are my role models and friends. There is no doubt of the positive impact that the ASGE has had on my career. I am forever grateful for the relationships that have been created through ASGE and the mutual commitment to a lifetime of learning. In addition, it has been a pleasure to observe the ASGE membership become more diverse over the years and witness the faces of endoscopy and master endoscopists evolve over time. I can only hope that my ASGE activities inspire the next generation of endoscopists, which will hopefully include more women, to pursue their own successful paths.

There are so many people (too many to fit on one page) who have supported me and my career over the years, and my accomplishments reflect a group effort. Special thanks to my mentors and former partners  Priya Jamidar, Harry Aslanian and Irving Waxman, whose guidance and advice over the years has been invaluable. I am also thankful for the friendships that I have made through the ASGE, especially with the staff, industry colleagues and other leaders in the society (including those who supported my nomination for this award Amrita Sethi, Reem Sharaiha, Vanessa Shami and Aasma Shaukat). I have been fortunate to work with fantastic colleagues throughout the world and at the University of Chicago, as well as an amazing CERT team. Most importantly, any success I have is because of my loving family who inspire and motivate me daily, including my mentor in GI and in life, my father Dr. Dabir Siddiqui, who has been an ASGE member for more than 50 years.

I am very grateful to the ASGE for this prestigious honor, and I look forward to continuing our shared endoscopic journey for many more years to come.

Dr. Siddiqui completed her GI fellowship at NYU and her advanced endoscopy fellowship at Yale. After staying on the Yale faculty for almost seven years, she joined the University of Chicago in 2012. She is a professor of medicine and the director of the Center for Endoscopic Research and Therapeutics (CERT) and Advanced Endoscopy Training Program.

Dr. Siddiqui’s clinical practice is focused on advanced endoscopy procedures that are related to pancreaticobiliary disease and gastrointestinal oncology (EUS, ERCP, EMR and ESD). She is a committed educator, and she has served as faculty for many courses nationally and internationally. Dr. Siddiqui has organized more than 30 conferences and has written content for more than 100 publications that have contributed to the field of advanced endoscopy. She has also trained more than 15 advanced fellows that have gone on to have successful careers in the U.S., Canada, Israel and Spain. Furthermore, Dr. Siddiqui is a founding member and the vice president of the international Women in Endoscopy (WIE) organization, and she was honored with the Healio Woman GI Disruptor of the Year Award in 2019.

Dedicated to the organization’s mission and educating its members, Dr. Siddiqui had been involved with the ASGE since her GI fellowship days in 2001. She has continued to be an active ASGE supporter through FASGE, the Circle of Light and multiple committees, including her current service on the Advanced Endoscopy Committee. Dr. Siddiqui has also served as faculty for numerous ASGE courses, and she was a course director for multiple events over the years including the upcoming 2023 ASGE Post Graduate Course at DDW and ERCP Bootcamp Course.