ASGE Diversity Awards

Since 2007, this award recognizes research focused on gastrointestinal diseases in underserved/underrepresented populations. 

Two $1,000 awards are given to the first authors for abstracts/research relevant to underrepresented populations (i.e., women, racial/ethnic minorities, LGBTQ community). The Diversity Awards are not based on the submitters' gender or ethnicity. 

To apply for a Diversity Award, applicants have to submit an abstract with content based on diversity, equity, and inclusion for DDW 2023. If the abstract is selected by ASGE, it could be eligible for a diversity award. Interested applicants must check the “ASGE Diversity Award” box when submitting your abstract for DDW. DDW abstract submission is open from October 20-December 1, 2022. Should you have any questions regarding the awards or submission process, please contact the Customer Care Team at 630-573-5600 or

The Diversity Awards are supported by the ASGE Foundation.