ARIA Industry Training

GI Training for Industry Professionals

The ASGE Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) Program provides customizable, GI topic-based education to keep industry representatives on top of the changing gastroenterology environment.

ASGE Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) Program

Dates: November 5, 2018

Most industry representatives can bring important modern technologies and designs to the attention of the GI community but knowledgeable representatives who truly understand the needs and concerns of the GI community, bring more value and insights. That is the very purpose of ARIA, to educate and train industry representatives to be valuable assets to the gastroenterology team, optimizing patient care. The ARIA Program is organized and conducted with an integrated medical school curriculum approach.The coursework is both high tech and high touch instruction from leading GI Physicians. Didactic instruction and practical experience in combination with actual hands-on GI training in ASGE's bioskills lab, provides a full spectrum covering GI anatomy, phyphysiology, procedural acumen, patient care, technical expertise and equipment operation with the latest endoscopic tools and techniques. Successful completion of the program allow individuals the option to use the ASGE ARIA Recognition.

Get Recognized in GI!


The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy supports industry's efforts to have knowledgeable, GI-practice "ready" sales associates, and is pleased to announce the ASGE Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) program, a new initiative dedicated to industry professionals.

The content has been developed for GI sales and marketing professionals, and the programs are created and taught by leading GI experts. With comprehensive, thorough and non-biased education in the field of gastroenterology provided through our training program, your representatives can become partners to ASGE physician members and other health care providers - supporting positive health outcomes for patients.


Through a live course, the new ASGE ARIA program creates a common language and a shared understanding for improved communication and more successful dialogue between clinicians and industry representatives. The program covers all of the subjects that are important to the professional health care providers that industry representatives are meeting with every day, including clinical knowledge, disease mechanisms and clinical treatment. Attendees of the program will receive unparalleled educational content created by recognized leaders in gastroenterology. 


This course is intended to provide an overview of basic GI anatomy and physiology as well as commonly encountered gastrointestinal diseases and their endoscopic findings through a lecture-based format. A hands-on experience will introduce both basic and advanced endoscopic techniques. To ensure industry representatives are being recognized for their efforts, participants who successfully complete the ARIA course are recognized with the ASGE “ARIA Seal,” an ASGE Certificate of Completion, and also receive a number of other prestigious recognition benefits and marketing tools.

Colleagues who are new to GI or could use a refresher are encouraged to attend this course. 

Impact of ARIA Industry Training

ARIA-abbvie-0072ASGE conducts a pre- and post-test among all participants to gauge results of the course in terms of increased knowledge and understanding of the GI industry. Results are shared with the participants and their respective organizations. From its inception the results show a significant increase in participants’ basic GI knowledge. Avg score – pre-test: 60% Avg score – post-test: 93%

Group Training

For information on scheduling group training for your sales organization, contact Linda kay Tyler, senior director of sales and business development, by phone at (630) 570-5601 or by email at

Program Benefits

Industry Recognition

Hands_onParticipants who successfully complete the ARIA course will be recognized with the ASGE ARIA "seal", consisting of an ASGE Certificate of Completion, along with a number of other prestigious recognition benefits and marketing tools, including:

  • Use of the ARIA Program Recognition Logo. Those individuals who successfully complete the ARIA course will be recognized with an ASGE seal of approval – the “ASGE Recognized Industry Associate” logo for a period of three years. The ARIA logo may be proudly displayed on business cards and the individual’s letterhead.
  • Name listed within an article in ASGE’s e-newsletter, Scope. ASGE will make members aware of those individuals who have recently successfully completed the ARIA program and have been granted use of the ASGE ARIA Program
    Recognition logo.
  • Listing on the ASGE website - ASGE will maintain a roster of honorees on the ASGE website.
  • Annual listing within the ASGE Guide to Endoscopy at DDW and the Crystal Awards tribute book*. Program
    honorees will be recognized with an annual listing in two major ASGE publications seen by top leaders in the field.
    (*ARIA graduates who complete their course prior to April 1 will be recognized in that year’s DDW /Crystal Awards programs. After April 1, recognition will take place in the following year’s DDW materials.) 
  • ASGE promotion of the ARIA program. On an ongoing basis, ASGE will communicate this new program to its members and make them aware of the value and significance of the ARIA program recognition. The message to members will be “look for the ASGE seal.”
  • Template press release. ASGE will provide a template press release that companies can use to publicize their team’s ARIA
  • Template letter. ASGE will provide a template letter that companies can use to send to their customers to make them aware of their team’s recognition by ASGE. 

Guidelines for use of the ARIA Logo will be available to participants who successfully complete the ARIA course.

Course Description

Course Objectives

  1. Describe basic GI landmarks.
  2. Describe diseases commonly encountered in gastroenterology and their endoscopic findings.
  3. Discuss common tools of the gastroenterologist and basic endoscopic techniques.
  4. Gain hands–on knowledge of endoscopic tools and techniques.

GI 101 - Curriculum Overview

 Gastrointestinal Tract in Health: Basic Anatomy and Physiology  

  • Foregut: Esophagus/Stomach
  • Midgut: Small Bowel and Hindgut: Colon/Rectum
  • Hepatopancreaticobiliary

Tools of the Gastroenterologist

  • Introduction to GI Endoscopy --  EGD, Colonoscopy, ERCP, EUS , Enteroscopy
  • Other Tests Used by Gastroenterologists -- pH testing, Manometry, Radiology, Emerging Technologies

Gastrointestinal Tract in Disease: Overview of Major GI Disorders

  • Foregut: Esophagus and Stomach
  • Midgut: Small Bowel
  • Hepatopancreaticobiliary Disease
  • Colon/Rectum
  • Communication Tips

Hands-on Stations

  • Basic Scope Handling/Foreign Body Removal
  • APC/Bicap/Thermal Therapies
  • Injections/Clip
  • Bands/Polyps
Customized Training Opportunities

ASGE offers customized training for organizations seeking dedicated GI training for their representatives. ASGE can provide additional curriculum topics to suit your training needs. For example:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

a. Overview of IBD and extraintestinal manifestations 
b. IBD-diagnosis 
c. Medical therapies for IBD 
d. Surgical management of IBD 


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

a.  Pathophysiology and Epidemiology of GERD
b.  GERD: Diagnosis 
c.  GERD: Medical, endoscopic and surgical management 
d.  Barrett's esophagus and Esophageal Cancer: Epidemiology, diagnosis and management 


Pancreaticobiliary Endoscopy 101

a.  The Bile Duct: Stones, strictures, tumors and other obstructing lesions 
b.  Don't mess with the pancreas: Understanding acute and chronic pancreatitis 
c.  Understanding ERCP and EUS: Tools of the Trade 


Course Registration and Hotel Information

Next Course:

November 5, 2018

The courses will be held at the ASGE Institute for Training and Technology (IT&T) in Downers Grove, Illinois, located approximately 30 minutes west of downtown Chicago.

To register for the ASGE ARIA Program, or to scheduling group training for your sales representatives, contact Linda kay Tyler, Senior Director of Sales and Business Development, by phone at (630) 570-5601 or by email at

Limited space available for this premier event! Register today to reserve your spot


ASGE courses have a history of selling out. It is recommended that you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. However, you may want to wait to make your airline reservations until you have received confirmation of registration from ASGE.

Chicago Marriott Suites Downers Grove
1500 Opus Place, Downers Grove, IL 60515 
Tel: (630) 852-1500 or Toll Free: (800) 228-9290(U.S. only)

ASGE has arranged a room block for this course at $119 per night, plus applicable tax. This discount is valid only if the reservation is made before October 15, 2018. Please contact the hotel directly to make hotel reservations. Please mention the name of the ASGE course when making your reservation.

Cancellation Policy

Requests for refunds must be received in writing to at least two weeks before the activity and will be subject to a $100 administrative fee. Substitutions are permitted with ASGE authorization. ASGE has the right to cancel a program at any time at its discretion. For more information on the ASGE ARIA Program, including scheduling group training for your sales representatives, contact Linda kay Tyler, Senior Director of Sales and Business Development, by phone at (630) 570-5601 or by email at


ASGE Salutes Graduates of the ARIA Industry Training Course 

ARIA-certificate-mock-upThe ASGE Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) program is designed to enhance the interactions between clinicians and industry representatives. Those industry representatives who successfully complete a pre-test, a full day of intensive training, as well as a post-test, are awarded the ASGE Certificate of Completion, granted the use of the ASGE ARIA Program logo on their business cards, and receive a number of other prestigious recognition benefits marketing tools.

Congratulations to the ARIA Industry Training Graduates! ASGE is proud of their accomplishments and salutes their commitment to professionalism in the GI industry.

ARIA look for seal graphic


For more information on the ARIA Industry training Program, including scheduling group training for your organization, contact Linda kay Tyler, Senior Director of Sales and Business Development, at or by phone at (630) 570-5601.