ARIA Industry Training

GI Training for Industry Professionals

The ASGE Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) Program provides customizable, GI topic-based education to keep industry representatives on top of the changing gastroenterology environment.


Get Recognized in GI!

The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy supports industry's efforts to have knowledgeable, GI-practice "ready" sales associates, and is pleased to announce the ASGE Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) program, a new initiative dedicated to industry professionals.

The ARIA program has two main goals:

  1. Educate the GI sales force and other industry representatives on today's most relevant gastroenterology and endoscopy topics.
  2. Recognize those who have demonstrated deep commitment to GI through completion of this comprehensive, full-spectrum gastroenterology program.

The content has been developed for GI sales and marketing professionals, and the programs are created and taught by leading GI experts. With comprehensive, thorough and non-biased education in the field of gastroenterology provided through our training program, your representatives can become partners to ASGE physician members and other health care providers - supporting positive health outcomes for patients.

Auditorium with audience

Through a live course, the new ASGE ARIA program creates a common language and a shared understanding for improved communication and more successful dialogue between clinicians and industry representatives. The program covers all of the subjects that are important to the professional health care providers that industry representatives are meeting with every day, including clinical knowledge, disease mechanisms and clinical treatment. Attendees of the program will receive unparalleled educational content created by recognized leaders in gastroenterology. 

This course is intended to provide an overview of basic GI anatomy and physiology as well as commonly encountered gastrointestinal diseases and their endoscopic findings through a lecture-based format. A hands-on experience will introduce both basic and advanced endoscopic techniques. To ensure industry representatives are being recognized for their efforts, participants who successfully complete the ARIA course are recognized with the ASGE “ARIA Seal,” an ASGE Certificate of Completion, and also receive a number of other prestigious recognition benefits and marketing tools.

Colleagues who are new to GI or could use a refresher are encouraged to attend this course.

Impact of ARIA Industry Training

ASGE conducts a pre- and post-test among all participants to gauge results of the course in terms of increased knowledge and understanding of the GI industry. Results are shared with the participants and their respective organizations. From its inception the results show a significant increase in participants’ basic GI knowledge. Avg score – pre-test: 60% Avg score – post-test: 93%

Group Training

For information on scheduling group training for your sales organization, contact Linda kay Tyler, senior director of sales and business development, by phone at (630) 570-5601 or by email at

Program Benefits

Industry Recognition


Participants who successfully complete the ARIA course will be recognized with the ASGE ARIA "seal", consisting of an ASGE Certificate of Completion, along with a number of other prestigious recognition benefits and marketing tools, including:

  • Use of the ARIA Program Recognition Logo. Those individuals who successfully complete the ARIA course will be recognized with an ASGE seal of approval – the “ASGE Recognized Industry Associate” logo for a period of three years. The ARIA logo may be proudly displayed on business cards and the individual’s letterhead.
  • Name listed within an article in ASGE’s e-newsletter, Scope. ASGE will make members aware of those individuals who have recently successfully completed the ARIA program and have been granted use of the ASGE ARIA Program
    Recognition logo.
  • Listing on the ASGE website - ASGE will maintain a roster of honorees on the ASGE website.
  • Annual listing within the ASGE Guide to Endoscopy at DDW and the Crystal Awards tribute book*. Program
    honorees will be recognized with an annual listing in two major ASGE publications seen by top leaders in the field.
    (*ARIA graduates who complete their course prior to April 1 will be recognized in that year’s DDW /Crystal Awards programs. After April 1, recognition will take place in the following year’s DDW materials.)
  • ASGE promotion of the ARIA program. On an ongoing basis, ASGE will communicate this new program to its members and make them aware of the value and significance of the ARIA program recognition. The message to members will be “look for the ASGE seal.”
  • Template press release. ASGE will provide a template press release that companies can use to publicize their team’s ARIA
  • Template letter. ASGE will provide a template letter that companies can use to send to their customers to make them aware of their team’s recognition by ASGE.

Guidelines for use of the ARIA Logo will be available to participants who successfully complete the ARIA course.

Course Description

Course Objectives

  1. Describe basic GI landmarks.
  2. Describe diseases commonly encountered in gastroenterology and their endoscopic findings.
  3. Discuss common tools of the gastroenterologist and basic endoscopic techniques.
  4.  Gain hands–on knowledge of endoscopic tools and techniques.

GI 101 - Curriculum Overview

 Gastrointestinal Tract in Health: Basic Anatomy and Physiology  

  • Foregut: Esophagus/Stomach
  • Midgut: Small Bowel and Hindgut: Colon/Rectum
  • Hepatopancreaticobiliary

Tools of the Gastroenterologist

  • Introduction to GI Endoscopy --  EGD, Colonoscopy, ERCP, EUS , Enteroscopy
  • Other Tests Used by Gastroenterologists -- pH testing, Manometry, Radiology, Emerging Technologies

Gastrointestinal Tract in Disease: Overview of Major GI Disorders

  • Foregut: Esophagus and Stomach
  • Midgut: Small Bowel
  • Hepatopancreaticobiliary Disease
  • Colon/Rectum
  • Communication Tips

Hands-on Stations

  • Basic Scope Handling/Foreign Body Removal
  • APC/Bicap/Thermal Therapies
  • Injections/Clip
  • Bands/Polyps

Customized Training Opportunities

ASGE offers customized training for organizations seeking dedicated GI training for their representatives. ASGE can provide additional curriculum topics to suit your training needs. For example:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

a. Overview of IBD and extraintestinal manifestations
b. IBD-diagnosis
c. Medical therapies for IBD
d. Surgical management of IBD 


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

a.  Pathophysiology and Epidemiology of GERD
b.  GERD: Diagnosis
c.  GERD: Medical, endoscopic and surgical management
d.  Barrett's esophagus and Esophageal Cancer: Epidemiology, diagnosis and management 


Pancreaticobiliary Endoscopy 101

a.  The Bile Duct: Stones, strictures, tumors and other obstructing lesions
b.  Don't mess with the pancreas: Understanding acute and chronic pancreatitis
c.  Understanding ERCP and EUS: Tools of the Trade 



Upcoming ARIA Industry Training Course

ASGE Exterior

ASGE will hold their next ARIA Program course as follows:

November 6, 2017


Stephen Kim, M.D. – Chair
UCLA Medical Center 
Los Angeles, CA
Betsy Rodriguez, M.D., FASGE 
The Oregon Clinic 
Portland, OR
Rabindra Watson, M.D.
UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

John Martin, M.D., FASGE
Rochester, MN

Pari Shah, M.D.
Memorial Sloan Kettering  Center
New York, NY

The courses will be held at the new state-of-the-art ASGE Institute for Training and Technology (IT&T) in Downers Grove, Illinois, located approximately 30 minutes west of downtown Chicago. The new IT&T includes a 2,800 square-foot bioskills lab as well as a 105-seat, tiered auditorium with an audience response system to maximize participant interaction.

To register for the ASGE ARIA Program, or to scheduling group training for your sales representatives, contact Linda Kay Tyler, Senior Director of Sales and Business Development, by phone at (630) 570-5601 or by email at

Limited space available for this premier event! Register today to reserve your spot.


ASGE courses have a history of selling out. It is recommended that you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. However, you may want to wait to make your airline reservations until you have received confirmation of registration from ASGE.

Chicago Marriott Suites Downers Grove
1500 Opus Place, Downers Grove, IL 60515
Tel: (630) 852-1500 or Toll Free: (800) 228-9290(U.S. only)

ASGE has arranged a room block for this course at $119 per night, plus applicable tax. This discount is valid only if the reservation is made before October 16, 2017. Please contact the hotel directly to make hotel reservations. Please mention the name of the ASGE course when making your reservation.

Cancellation Policy

Requests for refunds must be received in writing to at least two weeks before the activity and will be subject to a $100 administrative fee. Substitutions are permitted with ASGE authorization. ASGE has the right to cancel a program at any time at its discretion. For more information on the ASGE ARIA Program, including scheduling group training for your sales representatives, contact Linda kay Tyler, Senior Director of Sales and Business Development, by phone at (630) 570-5601 or by email at


Course participants confirm the value of ARIA GI Training

Take a look at what Industry Reps had to say about ARIA Training 

  • I feel more comfortable speaking to docs about disease, symptoms & cures...
  • The material covered was very thorough and presented in a logical manner…
  • I know other physicians will appreciate their rep going the extra mile ...
  • I will be able to have discussions with physicians and colleagues with a more confident knowledge of the GI tract. The presentations of the basic anatomy, tools of the gastroenterologist were perfect and exactly what I was hoping for. Excellent reps we need to know the bigger picture reference/foundation this gives us ... so we aren't just focused on our products ... should enable us to be a better partner and resource to the GI team …
  • I didn't realize how much I had to learn on using a scope. Being able to demo the devices was a major plus ...
  • Any opportunity to provide hands-on training enhances the learning experience …
  • All of the content was incredibly valuable, especially having it delivered by doctors. The hands on was very cool.
  • The "ease" of access to the physicians during the program was, ability to ask questions, talk during breaks, etc.
  • I achieved a much greater appreciation for what my physicians go through on a daily basis and a new found respect for their level of knowledge.
  • The interactive Hands On session really increased my knowledge regarding Endoscopy. I truly believe this will enable me to have more intelligent conversations with my physicians.
  • This was an invaluable insight into the GI practice. Thank you.
  • Such an incredible experience! Fun but educational at the same time!!
  • I enjoyed all of the program but the time in the lab was my favorite part.
  • It's PERFECT!! Every second was so educational!! I will use so much of it in my daily interactions with my doctors!
  • Everything was beyond expectations.

The Best Part of this Course

  • The live lab and physician interaction ...
  • The educational materials I now have on the slides. This serves as a great resource for me to flip through when I'm feeling a bit rusty! ...
  • Understanding how digestion works (far more involved than previously understood) and the various disease states covered. ...
  • The lecture - it was a lot of information, but each presenter was very knowledgeable and effectively relayed the information in a meaningful way to individuals without medical schooling. ...
  • The information on ERCP and EUS. I don't often get exposure to those procedures but they are often referenced. ...
  • Great learning facility! …
  • All in all – the course was well worth the time to attend. …


ASGE Salutes Graduates of the ARIA Industry Training Course 


The ASGE Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) program is designed to enhance the interactions between clinicians and industry representatives. Those industry representatives who successfully complete a pre-test, a full day of intensive training, as well as a post-test, are awarded the ASGE Certificate of Completion, granted the use of the ASGE ARIA Program logo on their business cards, and receive a number of other prestigious recognition benefits marketing tools.

Congratulations to the ARIA Industry Training Graduates! ASGE is proud of their accomplishments and salutes their commitment to professionalism in the GI industry.


Roseann Alamia
Justin Alton
Matt Amarillas
Wendy Amoe
Emily Anderson
Angela Andrews
Leslie Apetz
Jose Arroyo
Aneta Austin
Timothy Barbuzanes
Marisol Barzana
Jennifer Battle
Mark Bauer
Karen Baumgardner
Mary Benincasa
Manuel Bey
Anthony Blaskis
Dennis Blumling
John Boles
Jamie Boles
Stephanie Boone
Michelle Bowman
Thomas Braniff
Amy Brantell
Carolyne Bray
Patricia Bromer
Dana Brown
John Brown
Melissa Bryan
Vanessa Buff
Katherine Butler
Sean Carter
Dante Cerni
Beverly Chandler
Michelle Chase-Stewart
Anthony Chiappone
Lori Chuhlantseff
Deborah Cooper
Maurizio Costantini
John Couig
Peter Coulas
Brian Curley
Lauren D'Ambrosi
Royce Deaton
Charisse Delleville
Laura Delucca
Sabrina Di Iorio
Susan Disney
Mandi Dreaden
Jennifer Dukofsky
Rochelle Edmark
Gim Hwee Ee
Steven Elder
Gary Emmons
William Evans
Charlotte Farley
Jason Farley
Teresa Ferguson
Jennie Fields
David Fincutter
Eugenio Fortun
Colleen Foss
Joan Fox
Carla Freidig
Amy Gintz
Thomas Goode
Peter Gousis
Jason Griffin
Debbie Griggs-Smith
Robin Grove
Ivonne Guzman
Trevor Hafner
Douglas Haling
Jim Hanson
Amanda Hardy
Juliana Hardy
Jodi Hauwetter
Adam Healy
John Henderson
Brent Henson
Randi Hinton
John Hiraga
Michael Hittle
Megan Hoang
Victoria Hoger
Kimberly Hollis
Tom Horst
Elizabeth Howe
Lesley Howerton
Casey Hubbard
Joseph Huff
Agustin Irizarry
Paul Izzo
Rosemarie Jankewicz
Mark Jehle
Christen Johnson
Jerry Jones
David Kaiser
Lisa Kanegae
Anastasia Karambelas
Kenneth Katt
Jennifer Kelleher
Julie Kennedy
Daniel Kirspel
Emily Klatt
Frank Klein
Lisa Kluge
Julia Kovalchuk
Salvatore LaCause
Keith Lai
Jayme Landers
Todd Larocque
Peter Lee
Martha Lichty
Connie Little
Tina Loock
Kelly Love
Molly Lowry
Matthew Lundgard
Lisa Luther
Teresa Lutz-Pfalzgraf
Thomas Mahefkey
Rizwan Markar
Eric Martin
Ijeoma Matthew
Jennifer McCollar
William McHale
Rosamond Mcleod
Wendy McMahon
Stephanie Melcher
Stephen Mennuti
Joyce Meyer
Lynne Moseley
Nathan Newell
Andrew Norato
Cheri Okuno
Rasheedat Oluokun
Gene Ortiz
Kathleen O'Toole Greggs
Louis Passerelli
Danika Patterson
Bradley Payne
Lisa Peiser
Richard Pena
Deanna Perkinton
Beverly Perry
Janet Peterson
Jeffrey Phelps
Silvia Pineiro-Garbin
Kelvin Pittman
Scot Podosek
Jason Policastri
Patricia Prewitt
Mukund Pujara
Suzette Purdy
April Quinn
Britt Reat
Martha Redd
Ted Richey
Derek Rieder
Miriam Robinson
Pedro Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez
Glenda Ruiz
Mark Sabol
Rimma Salko
Sherri Salzeider
Lowell Scott
Roberto Sepulveda
Kenneth Shroyer
Claudia Shumaker
Dennis Siepka
Jennifer Siwiec
Alexa Spinoso
Garrett Steiner
Debra Stevenski
Paul Stone
Karen Stryker
Steven Sytz
Alexis Tangorra
Cathy Taylor
Pamela Tepper
Andrew Thompson
Joseph Thurman
Chandler Tice
Marta Toro
Yuliya Tovgaev
Kimberley Triolo
Jake Turner
Sonny Velazquez
Christopher Veraszto
Kelly Viere
Tammy Vukovich
Waymond Wade, Jr.
Holly Walsh
Peter Wardlaw
Cynthia Waseity
Deonne Washington
Colleen Washington
Daniel Weidman
Lisa White
Vonda Wilson
Stacy Winkler
Alison Wright
Audra Wurmlinger
Sarah Zeng

Boston Scientific Corporation

Steph Gonzalez
Anthony Vari

Bracco Diagnostics, Inc.

Ali Duman

Cardinal Health

Linda C. Logan


Keith Kraskinski
Jerrod Nelson
Patrick O'Brien
Kara Ticker

Cook Medical

Greg Skerven
Brenda Spain-Stewart


Jacki Grosu
Brian Johnson
Wanda L. Molari

EndoChoice,  Inc.

Perry Mykleby

EndoGastric Solutions, Inc.

Daniel Sinclair

Endoscopy Division of FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc.

Erik Anderson
Cory Anson
Chris Arbuckle
Anthony Bono
James Byrne
Stephen Caccamise
Jason Claborn
Paul Corbin
Rickey Davis
Bilge Demirbas
Eric Denton

Tri Duong
Mike Dushane
Francine Francis
Dan Gombos
Jose Garza
Kathleen Glen
Matt Jones
Mike Lachey
Anthony LaMantia
Jose Mejia
Frank Roland

Dan Rosolowski
Brian Shields
Kim Smith
Chris Truss
Jennifer Umlauft
Michael VanVreede
Anders Weaver
Chuck Wilson
Chris Wlezien

Endoscopy Repair Specialist Inc.

Yon Bucher

Entera Health, Inc.

Simon Solomon

Epix Anesthesia

Kirk Dennis



Johnny Boatright
Chuck Bobala
Charles Brems
John Carballo
Cary Critz

Paul Fawbert
Paul Hamilton
Jacque Hancock
Ken Hirsch
Kelly Nettles

Alan Rhine
Paul Romano
Wylie Rucker
Philip Schrom

Fractyl Laboratories Inc.

Michael Biasella
Michael Burka
Michelle Cleary
Gregory Dierksen

Andrew Hollett
Ilya Karnauk
Jeff Lesica
Stewart MacLean

Shweta Mani
Sara Morneau
Sudeep Nambiar

Genii Inc

Scott Evans
Kara Ledel
Tony Policani

GI Supply

Caitlin D’Entremont
Bryan Fritz
Jos Kerstens
Lisa Szpak


Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

Philip Malone

Medigus Ltd.

Tom Dempsey
Lori Saper


Nick B. Bromiley


Susan Straughn

Merit Medical Endotek

Stephen Barnett
Linda Bondellio
Steve Capeluto
Carolynn Clark
Kevin Colleran
Lindsey Davis
Travis Doman
Paul Drake

Matt Elkins
Alireza Forouzandeh
Nolan Hendren
Eric Hughes
Keri Hunsaker
Brian Hupperts
Brian Kane
Amanda Kimball

Dendra Lanham
Blake Nelson
John Reynaud
Kathryn Schaub
Abbe Smith
Kyle Smith
William VonDran
Charlie Wagner

Olympus Corporation of the Americas

B. Earl Adamy, III
Richard Lessig
Benjamin Matsil
Danielle Puccino

PENTAX Medical

Laurie Bright
Marisa Cali
Bruce Diamante

Laura Bustamante
Mariano Franco
Frank Klosterman

Kyle Skiera

Sedasys, a Division of Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.

Christy Cooper

Spectrum Surgical

Amanda Kimball
Valerie Padawer
Jared Robey
Yvonne Solomon

US Endoscopy

Ortho Artis
William Busby
Tony Siracusa
Steve Pastor

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For more information on the ARIA Industry training Program, including scheduling group training for your organization, contact Linda kay Tyler, director of Sales and Business Development, at or by phone at (630) 570-5601.