ASGE Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) Program

Dates: November 5, 2018

Most industry representatives can bring important modern technologies and designs to the attention of the GI community but knowledgeable representatives who truly understand the needs and concerns of the GI community, bring more value and insights. That is the very purpose of ARIA, to educate and train industry representatives to be valuable assets to the gastroenterology team, optimizing patient care. The ARIA Program is organized and conducted with an integrated medical school curriculum approach.The coursework is both high tech and high touch instruction from leading GI Physicians. Didactic instruction and practical experience in combination with actual hands-on GI training in ASGE's bioskills lab, provides a full spectrum covering GI anatomy, phyphysiology, procedural acumen, patient care, technical expertise and equipment operation with the latest endoscopic tools and techniques. Successful completion of the program allow individuals the option to use the ASGE ARIA Recognition.