Assembling an ADR Improvement Toolkit for Your Practice

Dates: February 21, 2019

During this presentation Aasma Shaukat, MD, FASGE will present on assembling an adenoma detection rate (ADR) improvement toolkit for your practice. ADR is a validated quality indicator and a reportable quality metric for CMS. Multiple studies have found that low ADRs are associated with higher risk of interval colorectal cancer. ADR benchmarks set by the US multi-society task force are 30% for men and 20% for women undergoing screening colonoscopy.

Course Overview

There are many different ways to improve ADRs, ranging from easy low cost, low effort changes to more time-intensive ones. During this presentation Dr. Shaukat will cover evidence-based tips and tools, ranging from small to large changes that can be instituted during the procedure or in the endoscopy suite for large gains in ADR. She will cover practical, well-researched technique and technology that may improve ADR and quality of colonoscopy. These tips and tools are not just helpful for meeting benchmarks but for achieving exemplary ADRs for endoscopists currently meeting benchmarks, or making their practice more efficient. Corley et al. demonstrated that each 1% increase in ADR was associated with a 3% decrease in the risk of interval colorectal cancer and a 5% decrease in the risk of fatal interval cancers. 

The webinar is intended for endoscopists performing screening colonoscopy as well as endoscopy practice managers that are responsible for quality metrics for their endoscopy center.

If colonoscopy is your business and quality is your goal, join Dr. Shaukat and ASGE on Thursday, February 21 at 3 pm Eastern for Assembling an ADR Improvement Toolkit for Your Practice. The session will address the following objectives.

  • Discuss practical evidence-based techniques to increasing ADR during colonoscopy
  • Review technology and accessory devices that enhance ADRs in your practice
  • Explain practical interventions for the endoscopy suite that improve ADR and quality of colonoscopy in the endoscopy suite
  • Review available educational opportunities and resources to support improved ADR


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