ASGE Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) Program - Basic Course

Dates: March 25, 2019


COURSE DATE: March 25-26, 2019

The ASGE Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) program, an initiative dedicated to industry professionals.

The content has been developed for GI sales and marketing professionals, and the programs are created and taught by leading GI experts. With comprehensive, thorough and non-biased education in the field of gastroenterology provided through our training program, your representatives can become partners to ASGE physician members and other health care providers - supporting positive health outcomes for patients.

Through a live course, the ASGE ARIA program creates a common language and a shared understanding for improved communication and more successful dialogue between clinicians and industry representatives. The program covers all of the subjects that are important to the professional health care providers that industry representatives are meeting with every day, including clinical knowledge, disease mechanisms and clinical treatment. Attendees of the program will receive unparalleled educational content created by recognized leaders in gastroenterology. 

This course offers a variety of critical presentations and one-on-one time with our nationally recognized faculty.

Course Director and Faculty


Jennifer Jorgensen, MD, FASGE 
Confluence Health, Wenatchee Valley Clinic
Wenatchee, WA


Michelle Anderson, MD, MSC, FASGE
University of Michigan Medical Center
Ann Arbor, MI

Brooke Glessing, MD
Cleveland Medical Center
Cleveland, OH

Jason Lewis, MD
Carolinas Medical Center
Charlotte, NC

Mariam Naveed, MD
University of Iowa Hospital
Iowa City, IA

Learning Objectives


  1. Provide an overview of basic GI anatomy and physiology as well as commonly encountered gastrointestinal diseases and their endoscopic findings through a lecture-based format.

  2. Provide a hands-on experience that will introduce both basic and advanced endoscopic techniques.

  3. Ensure industry representatives are being recognized for their efforts, participants who successfully complete the ARIA course are recognized with the ASGE “ARIA Seal,” an ASGE Certificate of Completion, and also receive a number of other prestigious recognition benefits and marketing tools.


Monday, March 25, 2019


7:30 – 7:40 am            Welcome and Course Overview        

7:40 – 8:00 am            Day in the Life of a Gastroenterologist:  An Interactive Discussion with the Faculty (Part I of II)

GI Tract in Health

8:00 – 8:20 am            Esophagus and Stomach

8:20 – 8:35 am            Small and Large Intestine

8:35 – 8:50 am            Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas

8:50 – 9:20 am            Tools of the Gastroenterologist: Introduction to GI Endoscopy

9:20 – 9:40 am            BREAK   

GI Tract in Disease

9:40 - 10:10 am           Esophagus and Stomach

10:10 – 10:40 am        Small Intestine    

10:40 – 11:10 am        Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas 

11:10 – 11:40 am        Large Intestine: Lower GI Bleeding, Colorectal Cancer and Diverticulosis

11:40 – 12:00 pm        Large Intestine:  IBD and IBS 

12:00 – 12:40 pm        LUNCH

12:40 – 12:50 pm        Move Time to Bio Skills Simulation Lab for Hands-On Session

12:50 – 2:30 pm          ASGE Bio-skills Simulation Lab for Hands-on Session

Monday, March 25, 2019

Each Station will cover:  Basic Scope Handling, Foreign Body Removal, Injections/Clips, Bicap/Thermal Therapies, Bands/Polyps and Argon Plasma Coagulations (APC)

Station 1:               Faculty Facilitator

Station 2:               Faculty Facilitator

Station 3:               Faculty Facilitator

Station 4:               Faculty Facilitator

Station 5:               Faculty Facilitator

2:30 – 2:45 pm            BREAK

2:45 – 3:15 pm            Case-Based Discussions 

3:15 – 3:45 pm            Day in the Life of a Gastroenterologist: An Interactive Discussion with the Faculty (Part II of II)  

3:45 – 4:00 pm            Questions, Comments and Discussion                                

4:00 pm                       Adjourn 


STEP 1:          Immediately following the course, complete the online Post-Assessment by Monday, April 8, 2019. A score of 80% or higher is required to pass the Post-Assessment.

STEP 2:          Complete the online Evaluation.

STEP 3:          After you have successfully passed the Post-Assessment and completed the evaluation you will gain access to download the following:

  • ARIA online Certificate of Completion
  • Transcript including your Pre-Assessment score, Post-Assessment score and the attendance date of the in-person course
  • ARIA Logo for use on your business cards
  • Template Press Release that can be used to publicize your ARIA achievement
  • Template Letter that you can send to your customers to make them aware of your ARIA recognition and training

Any questions or technical issues, please contact Michelle Thomas @    

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