Thursday Night Lights: Image Enhanced Endoscopy/Chromoendoscopy

February 2, 2023, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Course Director(s):
Madhav Desai, MD, MPH


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Image enhanced endoscopy is a virtual chromoendoscopy technique that is routinely used for lesion characterization in various areas of GI tract and conditions. This includes use of narrow band imaging and use of appropriate classifications to inspect colorectal polyps to evaluate for submucosal invasion. This is also used for areas of Barrett's Esophagus, squamous cell cancer of esophagus, gastric neoplasia, duodenal adenomas and so forth. This session will also cover the use of dye based chromoendoscopy to include use of Lugol's iodine and Acetoacetic acid for esophageal neoplasia, use of methylene blue in colon and use of dye based chromoendoscopy for lesion detection in colitis/IBD.

Madhav Desai, MD, MPH

ASGE Standards of Practice Committee Member

Kansas City VA Medical Center

Kansas City, MO

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