ASGE Video Forums


A perennial favorite at DDW - ASGE video forums are designed to showcase interesting endoscopic cases or techniques in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy.  Video presentations can demonstrate accepted techniques, difficult or interesting cases, complications or innovations within the field of endoscopy.

Video Plenary Session
This session represents the most prestigious and highest ranking, cutting-edge, fully edited endoscopic videos presented at DDW. These submitted videos receive the top ratings during our peer review. The highest scoring video from the peer-reviewed process for each category will be presented an award by at the end of each section as “Best-of-the-Best” in that category.  In addition, one final overall winner (the ASGE-GIE Award) will be selected from those identified as “Best-of-the-Best” videos.  This award will be announced at the end of the Video Plenary session.

This year the Video Plenary program will be presented in two parts:

Sunday, May 23, 1:00PM-2:30PM    Selected video presentations with chat based Q/A 

Sunday, May 23
, 5:30PM - 7:00 PM    Live Q/A for recognition of the Best-of-the-Best Award in each category 

World Cup of Endoscopy (An International Friendly and Fun Competition)

This session features a friendly international competition of selected videos from various countries. Selection into World Cup will be based upon the entertaining content of the video, with the objective of selecting one video from several countries. On average every year, approximately 8 to 10 countries compete in this session. All selected videos will be presented and scored live by an international panel of judges during the session.  The top three winners will be declared at the end of the session and receive medals. This session is intended to foster a fun, relaxed, and entertaining atmosphere!  

Educational Endoscopy Video: “New for 2021”
What’s your favorite endoscopy technique! These cutting-edge, fully edited short topic specific educational endoscopic videos clips will be presented at DDW and must be 8 minutes or less in duration.  The highest scoring video for the best video in this category from the peer-reviewed process will be presented the Distinguished Educational Video (DEV) Award.   This award will be announced at the end of the Video Plenary Session. 

Questions? Email or visit ASGE at DDW