ASGE Video Forums


A perennial favorite at DDW - ASGE video forums are designed to showcase interesting endoscopic cases or techniques in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy.  Video presentations can demonstrate accepted techniques, difficult or interesting cases, complications or innovations within the field of endoscopy.

Video Plenary Session

This session represents the most prestigious and highest ranking, cutting-edge, fully edited endoscopic videos presented at DDW. These submitted videos receive the top ratings during our peer review. The highest scoring video from the peer-reviewed process for each category will be presented an award by at the end of each section as “Best-of-the-Best” in that category.  In addition, one final overall winner (the ASGE-GIE Award) will be selected from those identified as “Best-of-the-Best” videos.  This award will be announced at the end of the Video Plenary session.


2021 Winners

VideoGIE Awardee of 2021 Best ASGE Video
“Point Blank - Endoscopic Retrieval of an Extraluminal Bullet”
Dr. Krishna C. Gurram & Colleagues

Bariatric Endoscopy Category
“Endoscopic Septotomy/Staple Line Release to Treat an Unusual Cause of Dysphagia After Sleeve Gastrectomy”
Dr. Stavros Stavropoulos & Colleagues

Small Bowel Category
“Overtube-Mediated Lumen Apposing Metal Stent Placement for Removal of a Capsule Endoscope Retained Proximal to An Ileal Stricture”
Dr. Alexis & Colleagues

EUS Category
“Switching the Switch: Endoscopic Reversal of a Biliopancreatric Diversion”
Dr. Manol Jovani & Colleagues

ESD & Submucosal Category
“Flexible Endoscopic Robotic Rectal ESD”
Dr. Manoel Neto Galvao & Colleagues

UGI Esophagus Category
“Innovative Multimodal Endoscopic Management of a Vascular-Enteric Fistula”
Dr. Colin Delong & Colleagues

Other Category
“Endoscopically Directed Single Port Intragastric Fundoplication, Sleeve, and Myotomy: A Preclinical Study”
Dr. Ariosto Hernandez-Lara & Colleagues

Lower GI Category
“Restoration of Colonic Continuity Utilizing an EUS-Guided Rendezvous Procedure”
Dr. Don Codipilly & Colleagues

ERCP Category
“Simultaneous EUS Guided Bilateral Stent Placement for Malignant Hilar Obstruction Post-Whipple Resection Using an Antegrade and Rendezvous Approach”
Dr. Abdul Kouanda & Colleagues

NOTE Category
“Endoscopic Intraperitoneal Subserosal Dissection (EISD): Better View, Safer Operation”
Dr Xinyang Liu & Colleagues

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