ASGE DDW Call for 2022 Abstract Submissions

Submission Criteria and Instructions

A perennial favorite at DDW - ASGE video forums are designed to showcase interesting endoscopic cases or techniques in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy. Video presentations can demonstrate accepted techniques, difficult or interesting cases, complications or innovations within the field of endoscopy.

General Information

Category options for submission include the following:

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Endoscopy
  2. Bariatric Endoscopy
  3. ERCP
  4. Endoscopic Adverse Events
  5. ESD/Submucosal Endoscopy
  6. EUS
  7. Lower GI
  8. Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery
  9. Other
  10. Small Bowel
  11. UGI Esophagus
  12. UGI Stomach Duodenum
  13. Educational Endoscopy

2022 Video Forum and World Cup Criteria and Instructions

ASGE Video PowerPoint Submission Instructions and Template Guide

Examples from last years winners:

2021 Best-of- the-Best

All submissions are subjected to a peer-review process and evaluated according to content and audiovisual quality, determining which submission will be accepted and in which category.  Once submitted, you will NOT be able to make changes to the video or audio of the program.  All recorded narration and presentations at DDW are to be in English. All submitted videos will be considered for selection in one of the following sessions:


Submission Requirements

Please review the list of submission requirements below carefully. Reviews will be based upon adhering to these requirements.

DDW will accept abstract submissions through 9 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021. For more information on submitting an abstract, visit the DDW website.

Please plan ahead to account for production and testing of videos, adequate time for upload, internet traffic, etc. 

All fields on the abstract submission form must be completed.  Payments must be made online.  All videos selected for presentation will be featured on the ASGE Online Learning Center, GI Leap, following DDW.

  1. A non-refundable submission fee of $60 is required for each submission.

An abstract MUST accompany each video submission, using the preferred ASGE PPT template. As a guide for your abstract and narrating your videoplease review the ASGE Video Forum Template Guide.

  1. Videos must be 8 minutes or less.  Refer to video narrative timeline guide in ASGE PowerPoint template link above. Videos that are longer than 8 minutes in duration will be AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED.
  2. All narration for the video must be in English.  
  3. Entries must be oriented towards physician education rather than patient education.
  4. Any potential conflict of interest must be disclosed by ALL authors. A potential conflict of interest exists when an author or the author's institution has financial or personal relationships that could influence or could be perceived to influence the case presentation. If there are no conflicts of interest, authors must state that there are none. Authors must use the DDW abstract submission disclosure form, which is completed through the submission process.
  5. Commercial support for the video production may be acknowledged with a single credit line acknowledging the company/organization providing the support.
  6. The video and narration CANNOT contain institutional names or logos. Videos that contain institutional names and logos will be AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED.
  7. The program CANNOT contain product specific endorsements/group messages, or advertising. Do not put product brand names or drug brand names in the video. Generic product and drug names should be used. Efforts must be taken to “black out” any product names that appear within the video. For all narration, when referring to a specific product, you must use the generic term; not doing so could result in an AUTOMATIC REJECTION.
  8. The program CANNOT contain any copyrighted images, videos, photos, etc., (including those obtained from the internet such as a manufacturer’s website) without supporting documentation from the originating source of the copyrighted work. Videos that contain copyrighted images without this documentation will be AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED.
  9. Videos CANNOT contain any patient information, physician names, medical record numbers, etc. Videos must be HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant. If there are any perceived HIPAA violations, the submission will be AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED. Please check the endoscopy video and fluoroscopy video portions as well as these have been commonly missed in the past.
  10. Video submissions must be original work. Videos will not be considered for presentation if they have been or will be presented before DDW in the United States at a national meeting of a society with the exception of the ACS Surgical Forum. Videos submitted to meetings outside of the United States that have not been published may be submitted to DDW.
  11. The submission CANNOT contain background music during narrative and endoscopic video footage.
  12. Copyright must be assigned to the ASGE by ALL authors. If this video is developed within the scope of your employment, you may have to obtain a copyright release from your institution. 
  13. Videos will not be considered for presentation if they have been accepted for publication or will be published as an article (includes manuscripts accepted for publication) in either printed or electronic format upon the December 1 abstract submission deadline.
  14. Videos will not be considered for presentation if they have been duplicated in any way from a similar video submitted the same year. Videos that have been submitted to DDW in previous years, but not accepted for presentation, are eligible for submission.
  15. Videos may not be submitted to more than one category, subcategory, or society for DDW.
  16. Violations of these policies could result in a 5-year sanction for submitting abstracts to DDW for the submitting author.
  17. Video must be formatted in one of the following types: MP4 (.mpg) or QuickTime (.mov). Other video file formats will not be accepted.Do NOT submit .wmv files.
  18. It is recommended that all submissions be submitted in High Definition. Video size recommended for high definition: 1920x1080 (square pixel ratio) or 1280x720 (square pixel ratio), both for 16:9 aspect ratio. Bit Rate: 5Mbps (for 720) or 10 Mbps (for 1080).
  19. Video size recommended for standard definition: 720x480 (0.9 pixel ratio) for a 4:3 aspect ratio or 720x480 (1.2 pixel ratio) for 16:9 aspect ratio.
  20. Please be sure to use a video frame rate of 30 frames per second.
  21. To ensure good image quality, a video data rate between 3-10 Mbit/second is recommended.
  22. Submissions for the ASGE Audiovisual Award require a separate application.  Identical videos CANNOT be submitted for both the Audiovisual Award and Video Forum presentations.

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