Brenna W. Casey, MD, FASGE

Distinguished Educator Award

Crystal Awards Honoree

A highlight of my career has been the opportunity to teach medical students, residents, GI fellows and peers. There is no greater professional honor for me than ASGE Distinguished Educator. My love for teaching was ignited by my first mentors in gastroenterology at the University of South Alabama: Dr. Jack DiPalma and Dr. Jorge Herrera and my senior teaching fellow, Dr. Mike Levy. For my continued career and professional development, I was privileged to train under the tutelage of Dr. David Carr-Locke, Dr. Jacques Van Dam and Dr. John Saltzman at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Dr. William Brugge, Dr. Peter Kelsey and Dr. Robert Schapiro at the Massachusetts General Hospital. My mentors shared their selfless passion for fostering both endoscopic and teaching prowess in their apprentices and I am honored to carry on the tradition of excellence they have established. I am grateful to the ASGE for the many opportunities to both learn with treasured colleagues and to teach. Nothing gives me greater joy than to accept this award in honor of my loving husband, Peter and our 6 children.

Dr. Casey has served as Endoscopic Training Director at Massachusetts General Hospital for more than 15 years, where she continues to supervise and coordinate endoscopic training for GI fellows. In this role, she primarily prioritizes the learning needs of the Digestive Healthcare Center but continually seeks opportunities to work across departments, centers, and disciplines to expand interprofessional education and collaborative practice.

Together with her colleagues, Dr. Peter Kelsey and Dr. William Brugge, she developed the DAVE Project. The DAVE Project was conceived as a not-for-profit; free for use, no password required, peer-reviewed, and educational web site that contained an extensive collection (over 400 entries) of narrated video endoscopic clips, Clinical Grand Rounds and Journal Club PowerPoint presentations, as well as a pathology slide box. She was honored to receive three ASGE Audio Visual Awards with her colleagues for work developing this project. Material from the DAVE Project has subsequently been used in other major teaching projects in the field of Gastroenterology such as the Digestive Disease Self-Assessment Program (AGA), the Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Self-Assessment Program (ASGE) and the Gastroenterology Teaching Project (AGA) as well as major textbooks such as Sleisenger and Fordtran’s Gastroenterology.

In the early days of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy’s Institute for Training and Technology, she was privileged to serve on the ITT Board and shared in oversight to set the course calendar for all interactive and hands-on training courses. Dr. Casey has served as lecturer, hands-on instructor, course director and co-director for many ASGE courses as well as moderating many ASGE sessions. She continues to be inspired by the great educational work conducted by the members of the ASGE and the ASGE ITT Center.