GI Operations Benchmarking

Supporting Focused Operational and Business Decision-Making

The ASGE GI Operations Benchmarking web-based platform allows you to compare your unit’s operational and financial performance in key areas providing robust data using over 100 metrics. Enhance practice efficiencies and profitability through data-driven decision-making.

Reasons to Benchmark
Benchmarking your operational and financial performance allows your unit to:

  • Analyze trends in your units operational and financial performance year-to-year.
  • Compare key operational, patient, procedure, personnel and financial metrics.
  • Evaluate the data for your units against the entire study.
  • Determine areas for improvement and where your team needs to focus its time to enhance performance.
Key Benchmarking Features and Areas
Key Benchmarking Features:

  • Web-Based Platform
  • 24/7 Access to Platform
  • Data Entry During Multiple Sessions
Key Benchmarking Areas:

  • Endoscopic Unit Characteristics
  • Clinical Labor Cost and Characteristics
  • Patient and Procedure Volume
  • Revenue and Expenses
  • Ancillary Services
  • Quality Improvement and Regulatory Compliance                                        
Who Can Participate?

The ASGE GI Operations Benchmarking platform is free. GI units in all settings can participate. Only units that participate will have access to the valuable interactive and customizable comparative data tables, charts and reports that will assist your team in having a clear picture of your unit’s operational and financial performance. Non-participants will continue to have access to an annual report for purchase.

Platform Registration Information

In order to begin benchmarking and gain access to the platform, please complete the benchmarking platform registration form through submitting information for both your unit as well as up to two designated authorized users. Past Survey participants previously registered in the platform do not need to re-register and can immediately log-in (unless either of your unit(s) two authorized users have changed).    

Please enter the following to begin the registration process:

  • Unit name and address information. 
  • A unit staff member who will be responsible for reading and agreeing to the conditions of the disclaimer (please note this can be the same as an authorized user).
  • Up to two authorized users who will be responsible for entering data for the unit.

After the registration form is submitted, any authorized user will be able to access the platform with their existing ASGE user ID and password within 48 hours once the platform opens, enabling unit access.

Getting Started in the Platform

In order to begin benchmarking and gain access to the platform, please complete the platform registration form through submitting information for both your unit as well as your designated authorized user(s).   

Platform Sign-On.  All users will be able to sign-on to the platform through the log-on page. Your username and password for the GI Operations Benchmarking Platform will be the same as for the ASGE website

Forgot your ASGE website password?  You can reset online. Within a few minutes of requesting a password reset, you will receive by email, a link to reset your password. If you don’t see it, be sure to check your spam inbox. Click the link in the email, which will take you to, to the “set new password” page. Then, log in with your new password.

Not an existing user?  If you do not have an existing user name and password, you can create one from the website. Go to the ASGE account login page and select the “Create an Account” button to provide your information. An email will be sent to you that will include an activation link. Once you activate your ASGE account you may complete the GI Operations Benchmarking Platform Registration Form. Authorized users of multiple units will be able access data for all registered units through a single access point. If you are experiencing any issues with the log-on process, you may contact Michelle Akers, ASGE Senior Manager of Practice Management and Reimbursement via email at or (630) 570-5613.

Complete the Registration Process.  All participating units will be required to complete the registration process. Each unit is allowed up to two authorized users that can enter information and download reports.  Please note, if your unit has multiple locations, a separate registration form will need to be completed for each location.

Review the Platform Users Guide and Question.
  Once you log on and accept ASGE's Terms of Service to gain access, you will find the Users Guide and Question Set Worksheet you may download in Excel or PDF form with all the questions contained in the platform to facilitate your collection of data.
Authorized users may share the benchmarking questions with other members of your team who may be responsible for specific sections of the survey.

 All identifying information will remain confidential and will not be accessible to any platform user. Access to the platform is available 24/7 and can be entered via multiple sessions.

Data Collection Time Period.  
Collection of 2016 - 2020 is currently open to both existing and new users.

Completion Threshold. 
 Data for the 2019 and 2020 and calendar years is currently being collect for future analyses reports.  Please note that units must complete at least 70 percent of ALL platform questions (including all required questions), to receive access to the reporting and comparison tools.

GI Operations Benchmarking Databook

Benchmarking Databook

Benchmarking is a significant component all practices can utilize. Being able to compare these key financial and operational metrics is invaluable for helping the GI team plan and determine target areas for improvement and enhanced performance.

ASGE understands the importance of this information and has produced the ASGE GI Operations Benchmarking Databook to help you analyze data from the ASGE GI Operations Benchmarking Survey. This data is based on over 50 GI units in every setting and represents 488 gastroenterologists who collectively performed 410,183 procedures on 377, 732 patients during calendar year 2018. Units were able to benchmark their 2018 operational and financial performance against like GI units on over 100 metrics.

Available as a PDF, the Databook offers you the opportunity to analyze the GI Operations Benchmarking Survey data in an easy-to-read format that contains over 125 performance metrics and trends. 

Key Features
30+ pages that includes content from the Summary, as well as expanded analysis, trending data, and new statistics highlighting these items:

• Endoscopy Unit Ownership
• Net Operations
• Device Expenses
• Occupancy Expenses
• Revenue and Expense All Practice Settings
• Total Annual Revenue (percentile)
• Total Annual Revenue per Encounter (percentile)
• Total Annual Revenue per Procedure (percentile)
• Total Annual Revenue vs. Procedure (trend)

PDF price: Member: $195/Nonmember: $295


Benchmarking Webinar Screenshot
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For more information, contact Michelle Akers, ASGE Senior Manager of Practice Management and Reimbursement at or (630) 570-5613.