Honor Your Mentor

Do you have teachers, mentors, colleagues and friends within the ASGE who have nurtured and encouraged you in your career over the years? Please consider recognizing  these special individuals by making a commemorative donation to the ASGE Foundation in their honor. Your gift will acknowledge their impact on your life, while also supporting  and fostering the mission of the ASGE.

John P. Cello, MD

Dr. Mick Meiselman honors his mentor, Dr. John Cello.

Douglas O. Faigel, MD, MASGE

Dr. Deepak Gopal honors his mentor, Dr. Doug Faigel.

M. Brian Fennerty, MD, MASGE

Dr. Deepak Gopal honors his mentor, Dr. Brian Fennerty.

Gregory B. Haber, MD, MASGE

Dr. Deepak Gopal honors his mentor, Dr. Greg Haber.

Gabor Kandel, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Deepak Gopal honors his mentor, Dr. Gabor Kandel.

Paul P. Kortan, MD, FASGE

Dr. Deepak Gopal honors his mentor, the late Dr. Paul Kortan.

David A. Lieberman, MD, MASGE

Dr. Deepak Gopal honors his mentor, Dr. David Lieberman.

Norman E. Marcon, MD, MASGE

Dr. Deepak Gopal honors his mentor, Dr. Norman Marcon.

"We are honored to recognize Dr. Patrick Pfau for his exceptional dedication and unwavering commitment to his colleagues and fellows in the Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Dr. Pfau's leadership as interim division head over the past year has not only inspired us but also significantly shaped our division's direction and success. Despite healthcare challenges, Dr. Pfau ensured continuity and advancement of our clinical operations and programs. His expertise as an endoscopist and gastroenterologist has been invaluable. Dr. Pfau's advocacy for patient care, along with his kindness, collegiality, and mentorship, has fostered a supportive environment. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Pfau on behalf of the entire division for his lasting impact, friendship, mentorship, and leadership."

With sincerest appreciation,

Faculty, Fellows and Providers from the Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

A celebration was held for Dr. Pfau in May 2024. He is the eighth from the left on the stairs in the gray jacket

"In recognition of our esteemed mentor, colleague, and friend, Dr. Mark Reichelderfer, who has been honored with the Department of Medicine Excellence in Education Mentoring Award at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mark is a beacon of guidance, often an unsung hero, fostering strong bonds and supporting numerous faculty and former fellows. Your unwavering encouragement and steadfast support throughout the years have been invaluable. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your mentorship and friendship."

Deepak Gopal, MD, FASGE, Patrick Pfau, MD, Mark Benson, MD and Anurag Soni, MD



David L. Jaffe, MD, FASGE
“I am thankful to have so many teachers, mentors, colleagues and friends within the ASGE who have nurtured and encouraged me over the years, with special thanks to Greg Ginsberg for his unstinting support.”


Brian C. Jacobson, MD, MPH, FASGE
“Dr. Colleen Schmitt is an exemplary mentor, colleague and friend. I can think of no one more deserving of recognition through a donation to support the ASGE, an organization so close to her heart. Thank you, Colleen, for personifying strength, wit, grace, humility and compassion.”


Michael B. Wallace, MD, MPH, FASGE
"Mentoring is not only important to the growth of our field, it is essential. I have been the recipient of great mentoring by many leaders in the field of endoscopy including Jacques  Van Dam, David Carr-Locke, Robert Hawes, and Peter Cotton, and countless others. Ultimately it is really our mentees and students that are our teachers as they challenge us   to think critically about what we know and what we do. I thank the ASGE for recognizing the importance of mentoring and thank all of those, mentors and mentees for being part of the great advancement of endoscopy.”


Richard C.K. Wong, MD, FASGE
“I want to thank my outstanding mentors, exceptional teachers, and great leaders in the ASGE and in the field of GI endoscopy, David L. Carr-Locke, Jacques Van Dam and Michael V. Sivak, Jr. I would also like to thank the many mentees who have allowed me to mentor them – mentoring is an important and distinct privilege that has to be earned – I am proud of what they have accomplished and I wish them the very best in their future careers.”