ASGE is now offering GI technicians the unique opportunity to pursue a certificate of completion in their field by completing formal coursework and training. There is currently no other comprehensive, formal endoscopy technician training program that exists today. 

Program Highlights

40-hour endoscopy technician training program

Self-paced learning for endoscopy technicians

Covers endoscopic topics essential for a technician

Interactive e-learning and video-based learning

Assessment exam and feedback to enhance learning

ASGE Certificate of Completion following successful exam pass rate

This self-paced program will give GI technicians enhanced skills and formal recognition for the work they do.

The Curriculum Spans Four Sections

Infection Control

EGD Colonoscopy Enteroscopy


Endoscopic Technology
& Electrosurgery Videos

Program Topics

GI Anatomy

GI Pathophysiology

Infection Control

Endoscopy Equipment and Accessories

Endoscopic Procedures: Fundamental

Endoscopic Procedures: Advanced

History of Endoscopy

Rules, Regulation and Safety

Professionalism and Teamwork

Benefits of Participation for GI Technicians

Formal Recognition: Completion of the program is a testament of the tech's skills and knowledge in endoscopy, boosting confidence and morale.

Enhanced Skills: The program covers essential endoscopic topics, improving the tech's skills and knowledge in these areas, leading to improved performance.

Career Advancement: New opening opportunities for career advancement could open up, including promotions and potential salary increases.

Flexible Learning: The self-paced nature of the program allows techs to complete it at their own convenience, customizable around work schedules and other commitments.

ASGE Membership: Access to resources, continuous learning and networking with the leader in gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Benefits of Participation for the GI Practice

Improved Efficiency: Techs who have completed the program are likely to demonstrate improved efficiency and knowledge in their roles, leading to smoother workflow and reduced procedure times.

Enhanced Quality: With a better understanding of infection control, safety practice and endoscopic equipment, techs will contribute to maintaining high standards of quality in patient care during procedures.

Increased Safety: Trained techs contribute to a safer environment in the endoscopy suite reducing the risk of complications during procedures.

Contribution to Teamwork: The program emphasizes professionalism, effective communication, and teamwork, fostering a collaborative environment within the GI team.

Access to ASGE Resources: ASGE membership comes with completion and your tech will feel like a valued member of the GI team by gaining access to ASGE's networks, continuing professional development resources and engagement opportunities.


Endoscopy Technician Curriculum Sampler

This curriculum sampler includes 1 video from each category to give you an understanding of the depth and detail of this curriculum.

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Certificate of Completion

ASGE commends individuals for their dedication to professional growth and excellence in their field through rigorous training and education.

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“The more knowledge they have, the better are they able to carry out their tasks on the broad front of the many different types of endoscopic procedures that are practiced today. This course will be an invaluable part of their continuing education and should be a part of their training.”

Jerome D. Waye, MD, MASGE