Key Resources 

A key strength of ASGE is providing its members with invaluable resources to empower their advancement in the field of GI endoscopy and in providing quality patient care. 

ASGE Guidelines
ASGE Guidelines are globally recognized standards of practice, ranging from recommendations on testing and screenings to the role of endoscopy in managing certain diagnoses.

Tech Assessments
Tech Assessments provide reviews of technology used in the practice of GI endoscopy.

Video Tips
Video Tips are practical quick tips to serve the educational needs of endoscopists in training and in practice.

Tech Talks
Tech Talks also provide quick reviews of new and existing technology techniques and tools used in GI endoscopy.

Value of Colonoscopy
The Value of Colonoscopy campaign seeks to raise awareness about the importance of early screening for colorectal cancer among healthcare professionals and members of the public.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is making an impact in GI and here, you will find resources to stay ahead in this important growing area.    

COVID-19 Resources
COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the way GI endoscopy is practiced. Visit to find the latest clinical and practice management information.

Clinical Topics
Clinical Topics is a one-stop destination to  gain access to the latest endoscopic techniques, guidelines and technology news.