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Download Colorectal Cancer Screening Poster

ASGE offers this easy-to-understand infographic to help you understand which colon cancer screening tool is appropriate for you. Discuss with your physician.

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From choosing where your endoscopic procedure will occur to selecting a highly trained endoscopist who will safely and effectively perform your procedure, ASGE has the questions to ask and the resources and information you need.
This also is the place to read up on common GI conditions, tests and treatments, as well as how to improve your digestive health and prevent future problems. 

ASGE member physicians are well prepared to provide your care.  They have specialized training in endoscopic procedures of the digestive tract, and ASGE is the only medical society that requires documentation of specific training in GI endoscopic procedures. 

Each year, these skilled physicians perform a wide variety of endoscopic procedures-- relieving pain, preventing disease and prolonging life for millions of patients.