Master of ASGE


In May 2020, the ASGE Governing Board approved a new designation for members – MASGE (Master of ASGE).  This distinguished recognition reflects substantial contributions to the goals and ideals of the gastrointestinal profession, sustained throughout long-term excellence in medicine, education, research, practice support, quality and/or advocacy.

The MASGE designation supersedes the FASGE designation.


What MASGE Signifies

The designation recognizes members who, throughout their illustrious career, have demonstrated:
  • Outstanding contributions to teaching and patient care in gastrointestinal endoscopy
  • Exceptional insight in correlating the pathophysiology of gastrointestinal disease with clinical findings at the bedside
  • National/international recognition of expertise in an important area of gastrointestinal disease
  • National/international recognition in the application of diagnostic technology in patient care and teaching of gastroenterology
  • Recognition in the areas of quality improvement, practice management, and/or advocacy initiatives.

This designation is awarded by the ASGE Governing Board, as warranted.  Individuals are nominated by Board members or past leadership and must meet specific criteria that supports ASGE's mission and activities demonstrated through a career of service and achievement.  Self-nominations are not accepted.

The MASGE designation is active as long as individuals maintain membership in good standing.  Designees receive a pin and letter of commendation, as well as recognition by ASGE as being part of an elite group.  The MASGE designation supersedes the FASGE designation and should be used instead.

ASGE invites you to meet the Masters of ASGE.