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iGIE is a gold open-access, online-only journal that accelerates the publication of peer-reviewed research and best practices in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy, including work conducted collaboratively and across disciplines.

Major Sections


  • Preclinical, benchtop, engineering, ex vivo, and in vivo studies, focusing on new technologies and procedures
  • Images in clinical medicine, focusing on new techniques and unusual findings


  • First-in-human, pilot, and small clinical studies
  • Early translational studies
  • Reviews and Meta-analyses


  • ASGE Technology Committee Reviews
  • Historical considerations
  • Industry perspective
  • Live Endoscopy Case Reviews

    Additional Content


    • Studies and reviews, focusing on GI digital health, medical apps, electronic medical record issues, clinical informatics, health information, and social media


    • Studies inclusive of interdisciplinary approaches
    • Surgical/radiologic hybrid procedures
    • Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Angle, including content of particular relevance to APP practice


    • Global public health issues and procedural trends

    Editors of iGIE


    Christopher C. Thompson, MD, FASGE


    Boston, MA, USA

    Associate Editors

    Hiro Aihara, MD, PhD, FASGE, FACG, FJGES


    Boston, MA, USA

    Kenneth J. Chang, MD, MASGE, FACG, AGAF, FJGES


    Irvine, CA, USA

    Janese Laster, MD

    Social Media Chair

    Washington, DC, USA 

    Diogo T. H. de Moura, MD, MSc, PhD, Post-PhD


    São Paulo, Brazil

    Marvin Ryou, MD

    Innovations Images

    Boston, MA, USA

    Andrew Storm, MD


    Rochester, MN, USA


    Ji Young Bang, MD, MPH

    Section Editor for Technical Reviews

    Orlando, FL, USA

    Walter Chan, MD, MPH

    Section Editor for Infomatics

    Boston, MA, USA

    Phillip Ge, MD

    Section Editor for Historical Considerations

    Houston, TX, USA

    Mouen Khashab, MD

    Live Endoscopy Case Reviews

    Houston, TX, USA

    Thomas R. McCarty, MD

    Live Endoscopy Case Reviews

    Houston, TX, USA

    Linda Lee, MD, FACG, FASGE

    Section Editor for Industry Perspective

    Boston, MA, USA

    Sarah Enslin, PA-C

    APP Angle

    Rochester, NY, USA

    Joseph J. Vicari, MD, MBA, FASGE

    APP Angle

    Rockford, IL, USA

    Neil R. Sharma, MD

    Chair of Editorial Review Board

    Fort Wayne, IN, USA

    Contributing to iGIE

    iGIE will feature endoscopic research articles, especially those that focus on technologic or procedural innovation, early investigational and translational work, digital health and articles that adopt an interdisciplinary approach. With the strong international reputation of GIE behind it, publication in iGIE will help your work garner the attention and recognition it merits.

    Initial publications will be quarterly with the number of issues increasing over time. Shortly after articles are accepted, they will be posted to the "Articles in Press" page of the journal’s website and will ultimately be indexed in PubMed Central. Additionally, any federally funded research will be deposited into PubMed Central, which satisfies the National Institutes of Health access policy. The journal’s website will also support multimedia files and supplemental data including images, video and audio files.