Trainee Membership

The "Trainee" membership category is for resident fellows or trainees who have completed at least two years of post-doctoral training and are continuing with full-time training status in an ACGME or RCPSC accredited program which includes gastrointestinal endoscopy under the supervision of a member of the Society or an instructor whose endoscopic credentials are acceptable to the membership committee.

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  • The applicant’s training director is required to complete a trainee endorsement form on the applicant’s behalf.
  • The $100 initiation fee is waived when upgrading to full membership at the end of your GI training.
  • Annual Dues: $25 per year (All three years of training must be paid in advance.)

Benefits of Trainee Membership

Learn about the full Benefits of Trainee Membership. The membership review process takes approximately three to five weeks. While awaiting a final decision from the Board, candidates may enjoy benefits as a Provisional Member.

First Year Fellows - Frequently Asked Questions

Apply for Trainee Membership

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  1. Dues: $25 a year. Dues for all three years must be paid in advance with submission of trainee application.
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More Information

If you have any questions regarding ASGE membership, email the Membership Department at or call (866) 353-ASGE (2743) or (630) 573-0600.

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