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AV Awards

The ASGE Endoscopic Audiovisual (AV) Award is a recognition for those who submit and are selected based upon a full-length educational video that demonstrates a specific endoscopic procedure, technique, or technology. ASGE Endoscopic AV Award submissions are to be 20 minutes minimum and up to 60 minutes maximum in length. Submissions are peer reviewed by both the Educational Products Committee and the CME Programs Committee.

  • Winning videos are showcased at the ASGE Learning Center and played in their entirety continuously throughout DDW. 
  • Winners of the AV Award will be recognized during the ASGE Crystal Awards at DDW. 
  • Award-winning videos will be considered for inclusion as a product in GI Leap. 

Now Accepting Submissions!

  1. Click here for the the guide on how to construct your video presentation.
  2. Click here to download submission criteria, submission instructions and the application.
2019 Submission Deadlines are:
  • January 11, 2019
  • June 28, 2019

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2018 AV Award Winners

Previous AV Award Winning Videos

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ASGE Video Sessions at DDW

The ASGE Endoscopic Video Plenary and World Cup of Endoscopy represent the largest collection of high-quality, cutting-edge, fully edited endoscopic video footage presented at DDW. Internationally renowned experts in endoscopy will moderate the always-popular sessions, which will highlight videos selected from over 150 entries submitted from around the world. 

ASGE Video Plenary Session

The 23rd Annual Endoscopic ASGE Video Plenary Session represents the “best of the best” high-quality, cutting-edge, fully edited endoscopic video footage presented at DDW. These submitted videos received the top ratings during our double-blind peer review. The highest scoring video from the peer-reviewed process for each section will be presented an award by the moderators at the end of each section. Following the live session, all Video Plenary selections will be available for online viewing through the DDW library in GI Leap.  

2018 Best of the Best:

  • Duodenal ESD and Sutured Defect Closure Across a Lumen Apposing Metal Stent

  • Advanced Resection and Closure Techniques for Endoscopic Full Thickness (EFTR) in the Gastric Fundus

  • Underwater EMR (UEMR) of Laterally Spreading Tumors Involving the Ileocecal Valve

  • Successful EUS-Guided Treatment of Gastric Varices with Coil Embolization and Injection of Absorbable Gelatin Sponge

  • Use of a Cardiac Septal Occluder for Closure of Anastomotic Leak After Esophagectomy and Pneumonectomy

  • Endoscopic Ultrasound Guided-Transhepatic Antegrade Stone Removal (EUS-TASR) An International Series

  • Balloon Enteroscopy-Assisted Recanalization of Biliojejunostomy Using Magnetic Compression Anastomosis in A Post-Whipple Patient

  • Endoscopic Abscess Septotomy for Sleeve Gastrectomy Chronic Leak

  • From Afferent to Efferent Creating A New Pathway

The World Cup of Endoscopy

ASGE’s 9th Annual World Cup of Endoscopy will feature a friendly international competition of selected videos representing different countries. All selected videos will be presented and scored live by an international panel of judges during the session; one winner will be declared at the end of the session and the top three countries will receive medals.

2018 Award Winners:

  • 1st Place: That's No Moon: Trans-oral Excision of an Esophageal Giant Fibrovascular Polyp in a Pediatric Patient

  • 2nd Place: EUS-Guided Gallbladder Drainage (EGBD) For Carcinoma of the Gallbladder

  • 3rd Place: Insulated-Tip (IT) Knife Alternative Method of Marsupialising A Symptomatic Duodenal Duplication Cyst in a 15-Month Old Boy

Click here to view these and previous winning videos for the Video Forum and World Cup in the DDW Library on GI Leap.