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As the leader in advancing the field of GI endoscopy, ASGE is designing and delivering education to meet every need. Covering the wide gamut of topics in clinical practice and practice operations, ASGE's educational programs foster advancement in GI endoscopy knowledge and inspire innovation in GI endoscopy techniques and processes. Additionally, ASGE's education is aimed at enhancing practice operations and safety standards. With in-person didactic courses, hands-on training, livestream and virtual options, along with anytime access through on-demand learning on GI Leap, ASGE is making GI education more convenient, flexible and cost-efficient for all.

You can focus your learning by:

  • Topic – gain proficiency in specific areas such as ERCP, EUS, colorectal screening and more through a collection of procedural videos, masterclasses, self-assessments and webinars. 
  • Latest science – get the latest information on GI as it relates to clinical education as well as practice management
  • Learning method -- choose what's convenient for you: virtual, in-person or on-demand
  • Customized for your practice – looking for specific education for your team? Bundle your own content customized to your practice needs.

 ASGE has all the educational resources you and the entire GI team need to stay ahead of the curve in GI endoscopy and GI practice management.

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