STAR Certificate Programs


ASGE’s Skills, Training, Assessment and Reinforcement (STAR) program features a blended learning format.  An online evidence-based curriculum with a live course, hands-on training and performance assessment provides an interactive and collaborative education experience.

Gain immediately applicable training from experts in GI endoscopy to:

  • Acquire the skills you need to confidently perform advanced endoscopic techniques 
  • Earn the ASGE Certificate of Completion and receive a transcript detailing the completed curriculum, earned CME and performance assessment 
  • Expand your endoscopic skills to meet the needs of your practice and patients

Bring either one nurse or one technician to train with you at no additional cost!

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How does the STAR Certificate Program work?

The curriculum for each program includes three components that must be completed sequentially: an online curriculum, a live course with hands-on training, and a post-course skills assessment and post-test. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a “Certificate of Completion” identifying the specific skills assessed, as well as a detailed transcript of the completed curriculum.

1. Online Curriculum

Prior to the skills-training component, enrollees will be required to complete online components, including:

  • Baseline pre-test: This test will provide the enrollee an initial assessment of their knowledge.
  • Literature: Participants will read and review guidelines, technology reviews, and key articles.
  • Instructional videos: Participants will view instructional videos from the ASGE Endoscopic Learning Library (ELL).
  • Interval Assessment: Enrollees will re-take the pre-test following the online instructional components.
2. Live Course and Assessment

Each program is designed to specifically teach standardized knowledge and motor skills in the specific procedure. Enrollees will participate in a half-day of detailed case-based video sessions and a half-day of intensive, standardized, hands-on training preparing enrollees for the skills assessment (3 participants per station). On the second day, participants will complete a one-on-one skills assessment as well as a post-test, and will be provided feedback from their performance at the completion of the course.

3. Course Follow-Up
  • All enrollees will be provided a transcript detailing the completed curriculum, earned CME and assessment of performance in their specific learned skills.
  • Participants who pass the assessment component will receive a Certificate of Completion in the specific learned skill.
  • Participants who do not pass the written exam or the skills assessment will be provided with information on the specific areas in which they did not succeed and options for further training and/or retesting.
Space is limited - register now!

To allow more direct interaction with faculty and to maximize the quality of your experience, registration is limited to the first 40 physician registrants. 

Bring a Member of Your Team!

ASGE recognizes that communication and coordination with your team is an important component of successful assimilation of advanced endoscopic procedures into your practice. Participants will be allowed to bring either one nurse or one technician to train with them at no additional cost.

ASGE Assurance to High-Level Scientific Evidence and Adherence to Neutrality

ASGE is committed to you, our learners. We are committed to assuring the highest level of scientific rigor, research-based evidence and practicality to clinical use is conveyed throughout this educational activity. Members who designed this educational activity are carefully selected for their content expertise, teaching excellence and neutrality on the topic(s) being presented.

ASGE requires all subject matter experts, committee members and staff planners who are in a position to control any aspect of content to disclose all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interests. A financial relationship in any amount is considered a potential conflict of interest, is peer-reviewed and resolved according to ASGE’s Educational Conflict of Interest policy and procedure prior to the start of this program.

HIPAA Accountability

ASGE makes every effort to not include individually identifiable health information in this educational activity. To protect patient privacy, faculty are requested to de-identify patient related material in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Educational Attributes

This ASGE educational program addresses the following desirable physician attributes that align with ACGME/ABMS Competencies, Institute of Medicine Competencies and/or Interprofessional Education Collaborative Competencies: a) Medical Knowledge; b) Practice-Based Learning and Improvement; c) Provide Patient-Centered Care; and d) Employ Evidence-Based Practice.

ASGE’s Commitment to Our Learners

ASGE’s continuing medical education program consists of a diversified educational portfolio. Each educational activity serves to maintain, develop, or increase our learner’s knowledge, skill, and professional performance. It is our intention that you will be able to transfer this learning to the provision of services for your patients, the public and the endoscopy profession. Content developed for this educational activity is based upon a body of knowledge and skills generally recognized and accepted by the GI profession and ASGE’s standards of practice, the basic medical sciences, the discipline of clinical medicine, and the provision of health care to the public.