ASGE Introduction to GI

A Standard-Setting Orientation for Every Member of the GI Team

Patients look to your staff for answers, viewing them as a trusted source of information regarding their appointments, diagnoses, and procedures. That’s why every member of the GI team needs to be familiar with the day-to-day work of GI providers and the high-quality care they deliver in practice.

Ensure your team is up to speed on their knowledge of GI by providing them the tools and resources to increase their knowledge and instill confidence in their interaction with patients and providers.

Self-Directed E-Learning Modules for Endoscopy Unit Staff
  • an elite, standard setting education initiative designed for onboarding and professional development
  • self-directed interactive eLearning modules on the fundamentals of GI including word pronunciations, activities and questions to reinforce learning
  • provides a basic understanding of GI anatomy, procedures, and terminology and taught by leading GI experts
  • links to optional videos for those learners that want to go more in-depth in their understanding
  • designed for every member of the GI team including techs, medical assistants, registered nurses, advanced practice providers and the receptionist
What’s Included
  • ~4 hours of required online content and ~2 hours of additional, optional content for participants who elect to further develop their understanding of GI procedures.
  • Knowledge checkpoints, interactive activities and assessments to help reinforce learning.
  • All learners that pass the post-assessment, with a score of 80% or better, receive a “Certificate of Completion” from ASGE.
How Does It Work

Endoscopy units can purchase a subscription for $349.00, good for one year and up to 25 licenses. Individual purchases can be made for $75.00.

Get Started
To purchase Introduction to GI for your Staff, contact ASGE at 630-570-5653 or email to establish your Introduction to GI unit coordinator and the number of invitation codes you need.