AEC Primer

The challenge of providing the best endoscopic services in the era of decreasing reimbursements,
burdensome regulations, and competitive environments makes delivery of quality healthcare a
tremendous task. The ambulatory endoscopy center (AEC), particularly the EASC, appears to be the ideal environment for delivering good clinical outcomes, enhanced service, and reasonable cost.

The ASGE Ambulatory Endoscopy Center Primer, fourth edition, provides a “toolbox” of experience from leaders with decades of experience in endoscopic service delivery. The fourth edition updates, strengthens, and greatly expands the prior subject areas to allow your AEC to be competitive in all areas from accreditation to quality assurance. Discover for yourself why the Primer will be the essential tool in your AEC toolbox for quick, easy, and applicable answers to the most common problems facing the AEC industry.

Content covered includes

• Staffing and Scheduling
• Accreditation
• Assessing Financial Performance
• Billing and Reimbursement
• Operations Benchmarking
• Payer Contracting
• Quality Assurance
• and many others.