Key Resources

SUTAB Tip of the Week

Maintaining Colonic Distention during Withdrawal

Adjuncts to Detection during Colonoscopy

Demonstration of Passage of a Narrowed and Angulated Sigmoid

A Demonstration of Some of the Challenges Posed by a Redundant Colon

More on Cecal Insertion Technique

The Approach to Cecal Intubation in Anatomically Difficult Colons

Techniques for Intubation of the Terminal Ileum

Resecting Lesions at the Appendicial Orifice

EMR Lesions at the Anorectal Junction

Continuation of Tattooing Principles

Tips for Tattooing

Extending the Discussion of NICE 3

Identifying NICE 3 Changes in Lateral Spreading Lesions

Overcoming Access Issues Underneath the Ileocecal Valve

A Challenging EMR: The Large, Bulky Colorectal Lesion

Clearing Serrated Polyposis Syndrome (SPS)

President Douglas K. Rex, MD, MASGE discusses Cold Snare Clearing of FAP

Management of Immediate Bleeding after Cold Snaring

Scope Rotation and Fold Tracking in the Resection of Diminutive Polyps

Tips for Resection of Pedunculated Lesions

Treatment of Partly Resected Polyps

Treatment of EMR Recurrences, Part 2

Treatment of EMR Recurrences, Part 1

Differentiating Clip Artifact from Recurrence on EMR Scars

Clip Artifact

Finding EMR Scars

The Use of Hot Avulsion in the Management of Fibrosis

Hot Avulsion During EMR

Introduction to Hot Avulsion

The Relative Roles of the Cap Technique and Avulsion during EMR

Using the Cap Technique for Flat and Fibrotic Disease During EMR

The Cap Technique for Flat and Fibrotic Regions Encountered During EMR

The Pivot Maneuver in Snaring

Snare Selection and Snaring Tips

Snare Transection Speed During EMR

Electrocautery Settings for EMR

Management of Lateral Spreading Tumors Before Referral for Endoscopic Resection

Strategies for Injection During EMR

Injection Fluids and Dynamic Injection

Tips on the Resection of Ileocecal Valve Polyps

Tips for Resecting Ileocecal Valve Lesions

Why Do We Biopsy Cancers as a Last Step in Colonoscopy?

Cold EMR for Large Conventional Adenomas

The Consequences of Biopsy of SSLs Prior to EMR

SSLs That Warrant Consideration for the Use of Electrocautery for Resection

Cold Resection of Large Lesions Beginning with SSL

Closing Type Four and Five Muscle Injuries During EMR

Recognizing and Closing Muscle Injuries Occurring During EMR

Techniques for Achieving Complete Clip Closure

Considerations Regarding Closure After Resection of Pedunculated Lesions

When to Clip Close to Prevent Delayed Hemorrhage

Snare Tip Soft Coagulation to EMR Margins

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