2024 GIE, VideoGIE, and iGIE Top Reviewers


Congratulations to the 2024 Reviewer Award Winners!

These distinguished reviewers are being recognized for their superior contributions to GIE, VideoGIE, and iGIE through completing high numbers of reviews and submitting the highest quality of work.

Thank you to these reviewers for donating their time and energy to the peer-review process. Their efforts help make GIE, VideoGIE, and iGIE successful.

– Douglas G. Adler, MD, FASGE, GIE Editor-in-Chief
– Faisal Kamal, MD, Editorial Review Board Chair

Clinical Reviewers

Yasutoshi Shiratori, MD, MPH, PhD
Jorge Machicado, MD, MPH
Carlos Noronha Ferreira, MD, MSc, PhD
Alfonso Elosua González, MD, PhD
Grace H. Elta, MD
Jimil Shah, MD
Rui Magalhães, MD
Yoji Takeuchi, MD
Neal Mehta, MD
Shyam Menon, MD, MSc, MBA, FASGE, FRCP

Board Clinical Reviewers

Yutaka Tomizawa, MD, MSc
Felix W. Leung, MD
Harry Snady, MD, PhD
Joshua Melson, MD, MPH, FASGE
Patrick R. Pfau, MD
Marwan Abougergi, MD
Sergey V. Kantsevoy, MD, PhD, FJGES
John Affronti, MD, MS, FASGE
Jeffrey M. Marks, MD
Henning Gerke, MD 

International Editorial Board Reviewers

Fauze Maluf-Filho, MD, PhD, FASGE
Yutaka Saito, MD, PhD, FASGE, FJGES
Everson L.A. Artifon, MD, PhD, FASGE
Makki H. Fayadh, MBChB Baghdad, MRCP UK, FRCP Ed, FRCP London, MWGO
Do Hyun Park, MD, PhD
Karina Grooteman, MD
Alan Moss, MD, MBBS (Hons), FASGE, FRACP
Patricia Carvallo, MD
Kwong Ming Fock, MD
Surinder Rana, MD, DM, MNASc, FASGE, FAMS, FAIGE, FSGEI, Master ISG 

New and Mentee Reviewers

Kazuki Yamamoto, MD, PhD
Eyal Gal, MD
Kenneth W. Hung, MD, MS
Banreet Dhindsa, MD
Omeed Alipour, MD
Dennis Shung, MD, MHS, PhD
Yoshihiro Kishida, MD, PhD, FJGES
Mohamad Aghaie Meybodi, MD
Samuel Burton, MD
Nishant Aggarwal, MD 

VideoGIE Reviewers

Shawn Shah, MD
Yuto Shimamura, MD, PhD, FASGE, FJGES
Yousuke Nakai, MD, PhD, FJGES
Yoshimasa Miura, MD, PhD, FJGES
Bo Sun, MD 
Michael J. Bartel, MD
Toshio Kuwai, MD, PhD, FASGE
Najib Nassani, MD, MSc
Ryan Law, DO
Galen Leung, MD

iGIE Reviewers

Sho Suzuki, MD, PhD
Toshio Kuwai, MD, PhD, FASGE
Yutaka Tomizawa, MD, MSc
Mark Benson, MD
Yousuke Nakai, MD, PhD, FJGES
Stephanie Hansel, MD, MS
Steven N. Steinway, MD, PhD
Jae Hee Cho, MD, PhD
Alexandre Gomes, PhD
Ingrid Schwartz, MD