2022 GIE and VideoGIE Reviewer Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 Reviewer Award Winners!

These distinguished reviewers are being recognized for their superior contributions to GIE and VideoGIE, both through completing high numbers of reviews and for submitting the highest quality of work.

Thank you to these reviewers for donating their time and energy to the peer-review process. Their efforts help make GIE and VideoGIE successful.

– Michael Wallace, MD, MPH, FASGE, GIE Editor-in-Chief

– Lyndon Hernandez, MD, MPH, Editorial Review Board Chair

Clinical Reviewers

Babu P. Mohan, MD

Jorge Machicado, MD, MPH

Antonio Facciorusso, MD

Sho Suzuki, MD, PhD

Surinder Singh Rana, MD, DM, MAMS, FASGE

Alfonso Elosua González, MD

Diogo Libanio, MD

Yu-Hsi Hsieh, MD

Yuichi Mori, MD, PhD, FASGE

Yutaka Tomizawa, MD



Editorial Review Board

Ryan Law, DO

Lanjing Zhang, MD

John P. Affronti, MD, MS, FASGE

Joshua Melson, MD, MPH, FASGE

Felix W. Leung, MD

Somashekar G. Krishna, MD, MPH

Patrick Yachimski, MD, MPH

Hiroyuki Aihara, MD, PhD

Brian R. Weston, MD

Michael J. Levy, MD


VideoGIE Reviewers

Ryan Law, DO

Fateh Bazerbachi, MD

Phillip S. Ge, MD

Saowanee Ngamruengphong, MD

Seiichiro Abe, MD, PhD, FASGE

Nikolaos Lazaridis, MD, PhD

Toshio Kuwai, MD, PhD

Hiroyuki Aihara, MD, PhD

Alberto Murino, MD

Lisa S. Cassani, MD


International Editorial Board

Seiichiro Abe, MD, PhD, FASGE

Vitor Nunes Arantes, PhD, MD, MSc

Do Hyun Park, MD, PhD

Carlos G. Micames, MD

Cesare Hassan, MD

Tony C.K. Tham, MD

Michael Mwatsuma Mwachiro, MBChB, FCS (ECSA)

Makki Hummadi Fayadh, MRCP UK, MWGO

Katherina Grooteman, MD

Fabian Emura, MD, PhD, FASGE


New and Mentee Reviewers (and Mentors)

Anusha Shirwaikar Thomas, MD

Giulio Antonelli, MD — Cesare Hassan, MD

Mai Ego Makiguchi, MD — Seiichiro Abe, MD, PhD, FASGE

Aliana Bofill, MD — Ryan Law, DO

Maryam AlAhmad, MD

Neal Shahidi, MD

Nikhil Bush, MD, DM — Surinder Singh Rana, MD, DM, MAMS, FASGE

Apostolis Papaefthymiou, MD, PhD(C) — Georgios Mavrogenis, MD

Jae Hee Cho, MD, PhD            
Faisal Kamal, MD