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Recognizing DEI in the ASGE Journal World

The Editors of GIE: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy are proud to lead the way in showcasing authors that have made a conscious effort to incorporate diversity into their studies.  Soon authors will be given the option to submit a statement on how diversity was incorporated in their study. Options for selection are statements covering inclusion and diversity relating to the scientific content of the paper and relating to authorship and attribution The statements, which refer both to the subjects of the study and to those conducting the study, will be published with the article footnotes.  

Samples of Author Statements Choices

  • We worked to ensure gender balance in the recruitment of human subjects.
  • We worked to ensure ethnic or other types of diversity in the recruitment of human subjects.
  • We worked to ensure that the language of the study questionnaires reflected inclusion.
  • One or more of the authors of this paper self-identifies as an under-represented ethnic minority in science.
  • One or more of the authors of this paper received support from a program designed to increase minority representation in science.
    While citing references scientifically relevant for this work, we actively worked to promote gender balance in our reference list.

The corresponding author will be asked to confirm that all authors agree to the inclusion of the statement(s).

Participation in this new initiative will be completely voluntary and will not have any influence on the scientific consideration of the paper.

The Editors of GIE and VideoGIE hope to gain valuable anonymized data that can be analyzed and shared. More importantly, the Editors hope to bring to the forefront the critical importance of considering diversity, equity, and inclusion in scientific research, in the scholarly articles that result from that research, and in our everyday lives.