Please update your membership profile today to help ASGE have a more complete snapshot of its membership.  ASGE is currently collecting the following demographics:  birthdate, gender, and race/ethnicity.

Why do member demographics matter to ASGE?

Collecting member demographics, such as age, location, race/ethnicity, and gender is essential for ASGE to better serve you throughout the lifespan of your career in GI endoscopy.  While  ASGE collects demographics of its members voluntarily, this information helps ASGE tailor its programming based on where you are in your career,  ensures the Society is engaging members worldwide, pulls in diverse backgrounds and perspectives to enrich the benefits, programs, and resources of the Society, and most importantly allows us to measure effectiveness and success the Society’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. 

If you have questions regarding your membership, please contact ASGE Customer Care by email at or phone at (630)573-0600.