Diversity and Inclusion Research Award

The ASGE Diversity and Inclusion Research Award is founded on one of the guiding principles of the ASGE to support minority health and eliminate health care disparities in the field of gastroenterology. This grant will support studies focusing on minority health and healthcare disparities in populations with GI-focused diseases. Research that has the potential for influencing and impacting change will be prioritized. One award will be given annually.

Selection Criteria

Grants are awarded based on scientific merit (significance, innovation, and methodology), feasibility, investigative team, and environment. One overarching objective of these awards is for the principal investigator(s) to eventually submit larger extramural research proposals to federal or industry sponsors. Investigators having the highest potential to accomplish this will be given priority.


  • ASGE membership at the time of submission is a requirement of this award.
  • The ASGE Research Committee requires electronic submission in a single PDF file.
  • Complete the application form by December 9
  • Email grants@asge.org or call Marty Roth at 630-570-5652 if you have questions or experience problems submitting your grant application.

Application Deadline: 5:00 PM CST, Friday, December 9, 2022.