Affiliate - Industry Membership

The "Affiliate - Industry" membership category is for those individuals who do not practice endoscopy but demonstrate special interest in the broad field of gastrointestinal endoscopy, without personally having the endoscopic training or skills. This includes industry representatives. The applicant must be sponsored by one Active or Senior members of the ASGE. 

  • The applicant must also be sponsored by one "Active" or "Senior" ASGE member.
  • Full requirements are found in the ASGE Bylaws.
  • Annual Dues: $425 
  • Join for $525 (this includes a one-time initiation fee of $100)

Benefits of Affiliate - Industry Membership

Learn about the full Benefits of Affiliate - Industry Membership. The membership review process takes approximately three to five weeks. While awaiting a final decision from the Board, candidates may enjoy benefits as a Provisional Member.

Apply for Affiliate - Industry Membership

  1. Application Fee: $525 (this includes a one-time initiation fee of $100)
  2. Sponsor Form
  3. Application Form  - Select One

More Information

If you have any questions regarding ASGE membership, email the Membership Department at or call (866) 353-ASGE (2743) or (630) 573-0600.