International Pathway

Attaining honoree status in the ASGE Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program (EURP) is an educational and team-building journey facilities undertake to ensure policies, procedures, processes, and systems are in place to support the delivery of high-quality, safe, patient-centered care. This includes credentialing, staff training and competency assessment, and quality improvement activities. The journey culminates in application completion and submission and then a review and approval process. Timing from application submission to award is variable, typically taking one to three months, when all materials are received as complete.

The International application pathway is for settings outside of the United States that provide endoscopic services including colorectal cancer screening.
The journey to achieving honoree status in the EURP begins with knowledge acquisition and comprehension of quality and safety concepts and their translation into practice. There is a standard registration rate for the international application pathway’s Quality and Safety in Endoscopy Units Around the Globe course of $200 US. The course is delivered through a self-directed course module in ASGE’s online learning platform GI Leap that includes knowledge assessment questions. At least one representative of the applying unit must complete the course before submitting a program application.

The journey to achieving honoree status in the EURP continues with knowledge application. The unit representative(s) who attended the course leads the healthcare team in ensuring the unit meets all program criteria reflected in the program application. ASGE recognizes units around the globe may be positioned differently in terms of their readiness to deploy a robust quality improvement program so offers a two-tiered program.

Program Tiers

Tier 1 applicants are positioned to complete all components of the program application. After successfully completing all requirements, Tier 1 applicants earn honoree status for three years. Honoree status is renewable by reapplying to the program using the Tier 1 application. 

Tier 2 applicants are enrolled in the program after successfully completing specific foundational requirements and earn honoree status for one year. To gain an additional two years of honoree status, Tier 2 applicants successfully complete remaining program requirements, including the Quality Policy Assessment portion of the application. Honoree status for Tier 2 applicants is renewable after the initial three years by reapplying to the program using the Tier 1 application. 

EURP International Application Pathway Pricing Matrix All fees are in US dollars. 

Application fees are assessed based on the GDP per capita of the unit’s country at the time of application as reflected by the most recent value determined by The World Bank found at

 Country’s GDP per capitaCourse Registration Fee Tier 1 Application Fee Tier 2 Application Fee
< $5,000  $200  $150 $50 (first year) +

$100 (second-third year)

$5,000-10,000  $200  $350 $100 (first year) +

$250 (second-third year) 

$10,001-20,000  $200  $550 $200 (first year) +

$350 (second-third year) 

$20,001 or greater  $200  $750 $200 (first year) +

$550 (second-third year)