Elevate Leadership Retreat

Promoting diversity in gastroenterology is vital for equitable healthcare. Despite the benefits of a diverse medical workforce, under represented in medicine (URiM) (per AAMC definition) and LGBTQ+ physicians face disparities in career advancement.

ASGE's Elevate Leadership Retreat targets early-career URiM physicians (1-3 years post-fellowship) with a focused weekend program encompassing learning, coaching, and networking. It equips participants with essential tools for success in gastroenterology, fostering connections and mentorship. This initiative reflects ASGE's commitment to supporting URiM physicians, contributing to improved patient care and innovation through diversity.

Elevate Leadership Retreat Program Topics

In-Depth Workshop on Level Up Performance and Activating Empathy

Your Network is your Net Worth

Maximizing Mentorship, Sponsorship, and Allyship

Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders

Effective Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Plot Twist: Navigating the Minority Tax

Understanding Your Value: Negotiating while Underrepresented in Medicine

Getting Involved with ASGE

Elevate Leadership Retreat Cohort

ASGE celebrates the 2023 Elevate Leadership Retreat Cohort as they represent the future leaders of gastroenterology, underscoring their commitment to diversity and excellence in the field.

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ASGE Diversity Statement

ASGE values and recognizes the importance of embracing diversity and its impact on strengthening our members’ ability to provide excellent care to all patient populations, regardless of their background. The Society is committed to enhancing diversity by educating and training culturally competent gastroenterologists, as well as providing leadership opportunities to all members regardless of gender, age, religion, racial/ethnic group, sexual orientation, and disability status.

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