Leadership Development

GI Organizational Leadership Development (GOLD) Program

The GI Organizational Leadership Development (GOLD) program was established in 2018 to enhance the organizational leadership skills of experienced (5 or more years beyond fellowship) ASGE members who are interested in pursuing a career in executive physician leadership within academic or private practice. This 12-month integrated leadership program focuses on the business and operational side of medicine.

Program participants focus on developing their leadership skills and business knowledge, personal influence, and exploring strategies for goal development, and advancement strategies. The GOLD program addresses opportunities and challenges within the context of a gastroenterology career in physician executive leadership, and it helps participants put effective, collaborative methods of leadership to work within their organizations and ASGE. 

GOLD Program Topics

Leadership Skills Assessment

Strategic Communications

Practice Management

Negotiations Techniques

Financial Acumen

Human Capital

Conflict Resolution

DEI in the Workplace

Program Participants and Commitment

The GOLD program, for all ASGE members, aims to cultivate future leaders, with 15 slots for promising individuals in academia or private practice, including ASGE roles. It's a 12-month commitment involving webinars, networking, and educational sessions, with mandatory full attendance for nominees.


May 20

2024 GOLD Class Reception at DDW Washington, DC


Assessment Launches (Virtual)


Mentorship Program - Pairings Announced

September 6-7

1-1/2 Day GOLD Leadership Retreat at the IT&T Center – Downers Grove

November 15

Practice Management Course (Virtual)

November 16

ASGE 2024 Reimbursement and Coding Course (Virtual)


One-Hour Virtual Education Session


Unit Leadership Course (Virtual)


One-Hour Virtual Education Session


GOLD Networking Reception at DDW 2025
Incoming/Outgoing Class Reception

On Demand

Quality and Safety Course

GOLD Program Participants

ASGE honors the 2024 GOLD Program participants and previous graduates for their dedication to developing leadership skills and advancing gastroenterology in executive roles.

ASGE Diversity Statement

ASGE values and recognizes the importance of embracing diversity and its impact on strengthening our members’ ability to provide excellent care to all patient populations, regardless of their background. The Society is committed to enhancing diversity by educating and training culturally competent gastroenterologists, as well as providing leadership opportunities to all members regardless of gender, age, religion, racial/ethnic group, sexual orientation, and disability status.

Additional Opportunities

Contact Christine Pondelicek at cpondelicek@asge.org with questions about ASGE's GI Organizational Leadership Development Program.