MIPS Improvement Activities and ASGE Programming

ASGE is committed to providing members with the resources, tools and programs needed to transition to the Quality Payment Program. Eligible clinicians participating in the following ASGE programming can attest to activities that fulfill the Improvement Activities Performance Category of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) pathway. 

For additional information, please visit ASGE's MACRA Resource Center.


Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program (EURP)

ASGE Quality Endoscopy Unit Recognition ProgramOver 3,000 physicians work in units across the country with this special recognition from ASGE. The Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program (EURP) application process supports healthcare teams in taking a holistic look at unit quality and creating the infrastructure to establish and maintain a culture of quality.

Eligible clinicians in currently recognized or actively applying EURP units can attest to the medium-weighted activity 
IA_PSPA_18: Measure and improve quality at the practice and panel level, such as the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) Physician Scorecards, that could include one or more of the following: Regularly review measures of quality, utilization, patient satisfaction and other measures that may be useful at the practice level and at the level of the care team or MIPS eligible clinician or group (panel); and/or Use relevant data sources to create benchmarks and goals for performance at the practice level and panel level.  

Learn more by visiting ASGE's EURP webpage.

GI Operations Benchmarking Survey

The ASGE GI Operations Benchmarking Survey supports healthcare teams in enhancing practice efficiencies and profitability through data-driven decision-making. Through the Survey's platform you can compare your unit’s operational and financial performance in key areas providing robust data using over 100 metrics.

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Given subsequent collection, data entry and metric examination phases, eligible clinicians participating in the web-based GI Operations Benchmarking Survey in can attest to the medium-weighted activity  IA_PSPA_17: Implementation of analytic capabilities to manage total cost of care for practice population.

Although you only need to attest to CMS regarding participation, proof of participation may be required in event of a CMS audit and can be accomplished showing by the following:

  • Registration/User Agreement Form
  • Data Reports/Charts
  • Quality Assurance meeting minutes where data or result are discussed 

Learn more through visiting ASGE's GI Operations Benchmarking webpage.                                

Physicians from hospitals, universities, ambulatory surgery centers, and office-based endoscopy units nationwide are participating in the GIQuIC clinical benchmarking registry, collecting and electronically reporting on quality indicators for colonoscopy and EGD and benchmarking their performance to support their quality improvement initiatives.

There are a number of improvement activities for those participating in the GIQuIC qualified clinical data registry (QCDR), including the high-weighted activity IA_PM_7: Use of QCDR for feedback reports that incorporate population health.
Learn more by visiting the GIQuIC webpage.


ASGE’s Skills Training Assessment Reinforcement (STAR) Certificate programs take a multi-phase approach to prepare endoscopists to overcome challenges, gain confidence and demonstrate their "readiness" to perform advanced techniques to medical colleagues.

There are STAR programs in:

- Endoscopic mucosal resection (lower)
- Endoscopic mucosal resection (upper GI)
- Barrett’s Endotherapy
- Suturing 


Eligible clinicians participating in STAR programs can attest to the medium-weighted activity IA_PSPA_28: Completion of an accredited performance improvement continuing medical education program that addresses performance or quality improvement

Learn more by visiting the STAR Certificate Programs webpage.