Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program (EURP)

Application Journey

GI endoscopy units of any practice setting based in the United States and around the globe are welcome to apply to the ASGE Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program (EURP). Units that meet the program’s rigorous criteria earn honoree status for a designated period, which is renewable with reapplication. 

Program Requirements

Here is a quick glance at program requirements. Choose your application pathway below to see the program requirements in the context of the application. To schedule a 30-minute discussion over Zoom with ASGE Quality staff email eurp@asge.org. Discussions can be scheduled Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CT, subject to Quality staff availability.

Proof of Accreditation

Provide proof of current accreditation by a recognized accrediting body.

ASGE Membership

A designated portion of unit endoscopists must hold ASGE membership. 

ASGE Quality Course

At least one unit representative must complete an ASGE Quality Course.

Guideline Adoption

Attest that specific quality and safety guidelines have been adopted as unit policy.

Staff Competency

Attest staff have been trained and assessed as competent in infection control.  

Quality Policy Assessment

Submit required documentation of adoption of continuous quality improvement practices. 

From Application to Award

Timing from application to award is variable.  

  • The review and approval process for applications received without any outstanding materials is one to three months.  

  • Applications are reviewed for completeness by ASGE Quality staff.  

  • The Practice Manager listed on Page 1 of the application is contacted if submitted materials are deficient.  

  • Once an application is complete, it is sent for review by a physician member of the ASGE Quality Assurance in Endoscopy Committee.  

  • Once the application is determined to fully meet the spirit of the program and program criteria, it is recommended to the ASGE Governing Board for final approval.

Applications & Fees 

The Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program (EURP) is designed to meet you and your team where you are in whichever setting in which endoscopic services are provided and wherever you are around the globe because quality improvement is, at its core, local.  

Fundamentally, quality improvement is about people, the people who are your healthcare team and the patients they serve. Pursuit and fulfillment of EURP recognition supports the delivery of high-quality, safe, patient-centered care as your team translates quality and safety concepts into practice in an enduring manner, building and maintaining a Culture of Quality and Safety. 

There are three application pathways to achieve honoree status in the ASGE Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program. Choose the right pathway for you, your team, and your facility. Core program requirements are the same across application pathways with different criteria in pathways based on colonoscopy volumes and other endoscopic services provided for US-based units and then for units based outside of the United States. 

  • The Ambulatory Surgery Center/Hospital Outpatient Department/Office application pathway is for settings that provide endoscopic services in the United States that have ≥ 5% of colonoscopy volume being colorectal cancer screening procedures. 

  • The Hospital application pathway is only for hospital-based units in the United States with ≤ 5% of colonoscopy volume being colorectal cancer screening procedures. 

  • The International application pathway is for settings outside of the United States that provide endoscopic services including colorectal cancer screening. 

Specific course requirements and application fees are associated with each application pathway. Visit any application pathway below for details.

Sample Quality Improvement Projects

The Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program is more than just an honor bestowed by ASGE on successful applicants who have demonstrated their commitment to high-quality, safe patient care. We recognize it as a community that shares its best practices and how each unit translates quality concepts into practice to advance effective clinical care, safe care, and patient-center care. Learn what quality improvement projects your peers have been undertaking in their GI endoscopy units via the samples below. What are some of the questions their projects have been answering?